Stian Paulsen Racing PF Europa

Check out this Stian Paulsen Racings video (@10:12) to see where the PROTOform Europa (Cupra) body you see here ended up 😀

Please support Stian, as someone working so hard deserves all support! Like his Stian Paulsen Racing Facebook page, and subscribe to his Youtube channel. Great videos for motivation to get things done!


Latest Upcoming TRF & Tamiya Parts

Some selected upcoming Tamiya and TRF releases, with part numbers and product info where available.

42343 Cylinder Caps for TRF SSBB Dampers (5.8Mm Balls)
42344 5.8Mm Ball Connector Nuts for TRF Dampers (8 pcs.)

51624 3X6Mm Hex Head Screws – Steel (10 pcs.)
51625 3X6Mm Countersunk Hex Head Screws – Steel (10 pcs.)
51626 3X8Mm Hex Head Screws – Steel (10 pcs.)
51627 3X8Mm Countersunk Hex Head Screws – Steel (10 pcs.)
51628 3X10Mm Hex Head Screws – Steel (10 pcs.)
51629 3X10Mm Countersunk Hex Head Screws – Steel (10 pcs.)
51630 3X12Mm Hex Head Screws – Steel (10 pcs.)
51631 3X12Mm Countersunk Hex Head Screws – Steel (10 pcs.)
51632 3X16Mm Hex Head Screws – Steel (10 pcs.)
51633 3X16Mm Countersunk Hex Head Screws – Steel (10 pcs.)

These are spare hex head screws used in Tamiya R/C cars. Timely replacement of screws is a key to keeping your R/C model in top working condition, as worn screws can slip out and cause parts to come loose.

• Contains 10 screws.
• Screws are made from durable steel.
• Hex heads facilitate a smooth tightening process.

54893 Aluminum Adjustable Servo Horn

This Tamiya aluminum adjustable servo horn allows you to finely tune your racing cars chassis steering geometry. You will be able to tune the steering range by raising or lowering the height of the arm on the servo saver.

• Servo Horn A, B & C components x1 each
• Hi-Torque Servo Saver Spring (Large) x1
• Hi-Torque Servo Saver Springs (Short) x2
• Hi-Torque Servo Saver molded parts x1
• Allows adjustment of the gap between servo horn center and ball connector at 1mm increments between 15mm and 22mm.
• Also acts as a servo saver, helping protect the servo in the event of crashes and impacts.
• Small parts for attachment included.
• Compatible with TA07, TB-05, TT-02, TT-02B, M-07 Concept, M-06, M-05, CC-01, GF-01 and G6-01* chassis cars.

I somehow expect further TRF product line releases soon… 😉


Tamiya Video Shizuoka 2019

Full Option Tamiya M-08

M-08 chassis with all option parts, displayed at Shizuoka 2019.


Source: Hobby Dengeki

Pictures of TRF Alu Tool Stand & Pit Bag

First pictures of the TRF Aluminum Tool Stand and TRF Trolley Pit Bag from the Shizuoka Hobby Show 2019.

42335 TRF Aluminum Tool Stand

This handy aluminum stand is a great option in the pits or workbench for Tamiya R/C racing hobbyists. It is designed specially to hold seven of Tamiya’s most- used top quality TRF tools, with a compact parts tray and other storage space also provided.

• Aluminum TRF Tool Stand x1
• Black anodized finish, with blue anodized chamfering, and the TRF logo laser printed on the front face.
• Docks for seven tools are designed into the stand – they can be used for TRF hex wrenches, box wrenches and other R/C pit essentials.
• Tamiya Camber gauge, turnbuckle wrenches and long-nose pliers also fit onto the stand.
• A (neodymium) magnetized tray prevents the irritating loss of body clip pins.


42337 TRF Trolley Pit Bag

This is an easy-to-haul Tamiya R/C trolley pit bag. It’s the perfect companion item when going to R/C races.

• R/C Trolley Pit Bag x1
• Classic black color bag, with blue zippers.
• Wheels on the rear for easy transporting.
• Water resistant material.
• Adjustable handle.
• A durable strap handle comes with a comfortable grip for when you want to carry the bag.
• Features five cardboard inner boxes – one large (for a touring car model), and four small boxes (great for battery packs, charger, parts etc.).
• Pouches on the top and side are an ideal size for tools, and a pocket on the rear face can be used for your setting board and setting sheets.
• Tamiya logo stickers are included.




No pictures yet of the TRF setting board, but here is some information.

42336 TRF Setting Board

A setting board is a must tool for pit work and maintenance on any Tamiya on-road racing car. This Tamiya setting board is perfect for the job and fits nicely in most pit bags.

• Setting Board x1
• Dimensions: 300mm x 405mm x 18mm.
• Features a gray front surface and dark gray underside, with black side sections.
• Fits neatly into the TAMIYA R/C Trolley Pit Bag (Item 42337).


Picture source: RCmagazine

Tamiya M-08 Concept at Shizuoka

First pictures of the Tamiya M-08 Concept chassis from the Shizuoka Hobby Show 2019.




Source: RCmagazine

Tamiya Shizuoka 2019 New Products

Tamiya products to be displayed at the 2019 Shizuoka Hobby Show.

– 1/10 R/C M-08 Concept Chassis Kit
– 1/24 R/C Lunch Box Mini (SW-01)
– 1/10 R/C HKS Nissan Skyline GT-R Gr.A (TT-01 Type-E)
– 1/12 R/C Lunch Box “Red Edition”
– 1/16 R/C U.S. Airborne Tank M551 Sheridan
– 1/10 R/C Audi quattro Rallye A2 (TT-02)
– 1/10 R/C Volkswagen Type 2 (T1) (M-06)
– 1/10 R/C MAZDA3 (TT-02) (Tentative)
– 1/8 R/C Dual Rider (Assembled) (T3-01)
– M-08 Concept Titanium Screw Set
– M-08 Concept Carbon Damper Stay (Front)
– M-08 Concept Carbon Damper Stay (Rear)
– M-08 Concept Aluminum Steering Arms (L/R)
– M-08 Concept Aluminum Steering Bridge
– M-08 Concept Aluminum Shaft Set
– M-08 Concept Aluminum Front Suspension Mount (0°)
– Tamiya Brushless Motor 02 (Sensored) 17.5T (Tentative)
– Tamiya Brushless Motor 02 (Sensored) 21.5T (Tentative)
– SW-01 Upper Arm Connectors
– SW-01 Spring Set (Soft/Hard)
– SW-01 Full Ball Bearing Set
– TT-02 Adjustable Upper Arm Set
– TT-02 Oil Gear Differential Unit
– T3-01 Reinforced Differential Joint & Pinion Set
– T3-01 Type 370 Sport-Tuned Motor
– T3-01 Aluminum Motor Mount
– Aluminum TRF Tool Stand
– Setting Board
– R/C Trolley Pit Bag


New Upcoming TRF Releases

Three new releases in the TRF product line-up from Tamiya.
Coming soon.

42335 TRF Aluminum Tool Stand
42336 TRF Setting Board
42337 TRF Trolley Pit Bag


Tamiya M-08 First Picture

First picture of the upcoming Tamiya M-08 Concept Chassis Kit.

58669 M-08 Concept Chassis Kit

The long-running and popular M-Chassis series welcomes a new member with the M-08 Concept chassis, which employs a midship motor, rear-wheel drive layout for superior rear traction, plus a main frame split into front and rear sections.

• This is a 1/10 scale R/C model assembly kit.
• The chassis is split into front (suspension and servo) and rear (motor and battery) sections. It can be assembled into three different wheelbases: S (210mm), M (225mm) or L (239mm).
• Rear-midship motor powers rear wheels via a differential in the MR setup.
• Oil-filled differential gear is the TA06 design, which was also employed on the M-07 Concept chassis.
• Features proven M-07 Concept designs: suspension arms, uprights, suspension mounts and aluminum parts.
• Includes CVA oil dampers, universal drive shafts, full ball bearings and hi-torque servo saver.
• Comes with new front suspension mounts (0 degrees) and hub carriers (2 degrees) for a total caster angle of 2 degrees, and smooth cornering.
• Compatible with M-06 Chassis bodies.
• Compatible with M-07 Concept Hop-Up Option parts such as Aluminum Rear Suspension Mount (Skid Angle Adjustment) (54787), Aluminum Rear Uprights (54781) and Low-Friction King Pin Pipes (54813).


TRF SSBB Damper Upgrade

Coming soon from Tamiya is an update for the TRF SSBB (Super Short Big Bore) TC dampers.

This will be available as a complete upgrade set, including new caps, ball connector nuts and V-parts. The V-parts plastic set will obviously also be available as a spare part. The main difference is that the damper balls are now larger at 5.8mm. These parts were used at the recent TITC 2019.

Here’s official info on the new parts.

54878 TRF SSBB Damper Upgrade Set

Give your TRF Super Short Big Bore Dampers an overhaul with this set, which includes completely redesigned set V Parts (those in Item 54871), plus dedicated new cylinder cap and 5.8mm damper ball connector nuts. Not only will they give more setup options, the new designs and material also boost durability and damper performance.

Item Contents/Information
• Reinforced V Parts for TRF Dampers (damper ends, damper tops, spring retainers, etc.) x2
• Cylinder Caps x4
• 5.8mm Damper Ball Connector Nuts x8
• For use with Item 42305 TRF Super Short Big Bore Dampers (4pcs.).

54871 Reinforced V-Parts for TRF Dampers

Give your TRF dampers an overhaul with this completely redesigned set of V Parts, made to give you more setup options. The new designs and material also boost durability and damper performance.

Item Contents/Information
• ø5mm Damper Ends (S) & (M)
• ø5.8mm Damper Ends (S) & (M)
• ø5mm Damper Tops
• ø5.8mm Damper Tops
• Spring Retainers (S) & (M)
• Compatible with TRF Dampers (Items 53571, 53901, 54000 etc.) using Item 53334.