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More MSX

DSC02540_01Been too long since I updated this now.

Here’s a few pics to drool over though! 😉

Shows details of Satoshi Maezumi’s MSX from RC World and RC Magazine (Japan). Pics taken from .



Waiting for MSX

My TRF415MS is now sold and I’m expecting the TRF415MSX to arrive second week in December. Looking forward…


A few preview pics of the Robitronic iCube that I’ll be testing.

Looks good and good features + the name is great!

Look for a review sometime soon on

previous dezign

invierno 2006 de los bodies de los kentech

Just a few pictures of my newly painted Protoform Stratus 3.0 and Mazda 6 to go with my earlier painted Rayspeed Accord body. Will be my race bodies for this winter season. Running a new design after running the old one since 2001 already…time for a change.

Teppo’s bodies winter 2006

Sophie Zelmani – A Decade of Dreams 1995 – 2005

Out now – get it!


Well, guess it’s time to write something, the last few days have been quite hectic…

First some sort of introduction…

My diary/blog whatever will be in English only and will be about the RC car racing side of me and my life. I’ll probably write something about other “important” things also when I feel like it… so we’ll just have to see where it goes.

The inspiration to start the – blog dei kentech – comes from the Japanese RC car enthusiasts who all seem to have their own blog… Having been reading them for over a year now I’ve started to appreciate what they can offer.

Many, many years ago I used be a very active writer on various forums, guestbooks, tech talk (who remember the Scandinavian thread on TT???). I also used to have my own homepage. Well now there are just so many boards and whatever that I lost interest in that long ago…

So I will be posting any good setups that I find, pics of bodies I’ve painted, race pics and results, links to websites with race information etc.

Longer articles I will still reserve for… this is just a way to instantly and easily share whatever I think is interesting and will save me from writing setups etc in many emails and forums.

So that’s it for an introduction…. I hope some of you will find something interesting on here in the future.


blog dei kentech

Welcome to my blog!