MSX Spool Setup

Here’s my spool setup for carpet rubber tyres that I have been running on my MSX for the latter part of this winter season.

Very easy to drive and fast as well! Never driven a car as good as this on carpet! Try it and let me know if it works for you as well…

A few notes:

– Rebound Stroke in the sheet -> droop figure on droop gauge.
– HPI rear hubs for bigger bearings and less play.
– Also used HPI front spindles for the same reasons, with 0,8mm spacer on top of spindle, but switched back to Tamiya because I run out of the fragile HPI spindles 🙄 Setup works well with both, a bit more aggressive with HPI parts.
– I use Tech Racing springs, closest Tamiya springs would be (I think) blue-white.
– Suspension blocks are; Front: 1B-1A(bridge), Rear: 1XB-1C
– For more steering -> lay down front dampers 1 step.


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