Monthly Archives: June 2006

First summer races

The 2006 Reedy Race was held last weekend, just over a month before the worlds, so a good warmup. Marc R won the race for the first time, seems he’s pretty unstoppable at the moment, although Atsushi is very close most of the time. Apparently there was a bit of controversy between Marc and Atsushi at the race, pretty surprising.

Nothing new seen on the 415’s from the VERY few pictures available of cars. Seems all TRF suspension (hubs, spindles) were used as well as of course the new drivetrain and also the new steering on Marc’s car at least.

Here’s Marc’s setup from the race.

Over here in Finland we had the first outdoor national round during the same weekend. A very good weekend for the TRF drivers, with third overall in mod and me winning pro stock again.

My car was handling really, really well. Promising considering I had only done about 15 packs of practice at my home track prior to the race on Saturday.

Setup here: