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Alonso World Champion – Arrivederci Schumi

Renault and Alsonso finally got the titles they deserved in Brazil. You could think of it like Alonso said after Monza; in the end the good guys will win…

After the banning of the mass damper, hungary penalty, monza penalty it is good to know that whatever Ferrari, the dirtiest team in F1, and FIA tried they could not get Ferrari to win. However the way they tried is just…I dunno what to say.

Now, what to say about Schumi. A lot, if I wanted. But to make it short…

– The most complete driver ever (speed, tactics, motivation, testing…)
– The dirtiest world champ ever (adelaide 94, jerez 97, monaco 06 + hundreds of other incidents…

A few quotes:

“He has an overwhelming urge to win, and it seems quite clear that he doesn’t care how he achieves that aim.”

“Cutting a corner, and overtaking his playmate in so doing, the lad cried: “I’m going to cheat – like Schumacher!”

“After he’d made his live-on-TV farewell speech at Monza, I overheard, in the paddock, one driver stage-whisper to another:
“Did you hear Michael’s speech? I nearly puked.”

“Jarno Trulli (his voice shrill with fury): ‘Okay, well, let’s build a bloody wall at that corner for next year, shall we? That way, no-one will be able to cut it. Then we’ll see whether you’ll finish the race, Michael. Okay?'”

“the most unsporting driver in the history of Formula One.”

So the final verdict? – What a driver, but in the end what’s more important… I know I will always remember most the unsporting Schumi! 🙄


Tamiya Aluminum Roll Center Spacer

Just found out about these bits from Tamiya.

Seems they’ve been available for some time.

Item #53932 – Aluminum Roll Center Spacer – (0.5mm) 4pcs
Item #53933 – Aluminum Roll Center Spacer – (1mm) 4pcs

This setting part allows easy adjustment of roll center by installing spacer between suspension mount and chassis.
*Compatible with TRF415 series, TB Evolution 3 to 5, TA05 chassis.

MRE Shakedown

Finally got to run the MRE yesterday for the first time. I only run 4 packs so just a shakedown to check that everything was working.

The car worked quite well, only the normal first run things like a few loose screws and so on. Compared to the MSX it definitely seems to have more steering and also more aggressive steering. Being that the new steering system have so much less play it’s also very precise. The extremely free drivetrain is also noticable on the track.

It was also the first run with the GM brushless system that I recently received. It’s a Genius 95 speedo with a Evo 2 4,5 motor with a sintered rotor.

The system worked really well, very good feel and lots of power. The Genius 95 is also very adjustable so you can basically adjust the feeling or motor characteristics anyway you want. Heat seems to be a non-issue with the motor and the speedo as well.

Looking forward to getting some serious testing done.


STCC Final

Last Sunday I went to the Swedish Touring Car Championship Finals. Was a lot of fun, weather was good all day, racing was fun and lots of interesting things to see!

Suzuki GSX 600R

Porsche GT3

Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder

Audi RS4

BMW E90 3-series Coupe

Ferrari 612 Scaglietti

Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano

Ferrari 360 Modena

Volvo S60 Super 2000 STCC

Audi A4 Super 2000 STCC

Ferrari FXX

Ferrari FXX rear detail

Speedway Swedish Series Finals

Unfortunately just after this picture was taken there was a torrential downpour and the final was postponed one day. Would have been fun to see the event live as the atmosphere was really nice!

Back from Sweden trip

Been away with J for the last 13 days to Sweden. Below a few photos.






Kastelholm Castle