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RC Sports – 501X Scan

Here’s a scan of an article about the 501X development from the latest issue of RC Sports magazine.



RC Sports – MSXX Scan

Here’s a scan from the latest issue of RC Sports magazine.


kentech dezign

Was busy painting on Sunday.

3 bodies in half a day is pretty good for me…

Just have another 3 or 4 to paint still.

Grooveman to Japan Tam’Cup

A lot of intersting pictures from the Tamiya World Cup Finals have been published here:

Most interesting are the detailed pictures of the production TRF501X. Can’t wait to build one, should not be too long now.

Direct link to these pictures for higher quality:

More MSXX Pictures

Found these pictures a few days ago of the MSXX from the Tamiya Fair.

On picture number 3 you can see the aluminium ‘cooling’ plate under speedo and receiver.

It seems that the MSXX will come with a 2mm chassis together with the new upper deck which also has more flex.

Also noted that the official MSXX logo is a bit different to the one I made some weeks ago. 😉

Picture source:

MSXX – Picture #2

Official picture from Tamiya from the Tamiya Fair.


TRF501X in Testing

The TRF501X is currently undergoing final testing in Japan. At the JMRCA Expert TC champs at Yatabe last weekend Tamiya had both Marc Rheinard and Hupo Honigl present.

Marc was racing at the JMRCA race but apparently Hupo had come along just to test the 501X together with the TRF designers and Marc.

Here’s a picture taken in the pits at Yatabe.


MSXX – Picture #1

Here it is!


Silly Season!

Silly season has been going on at high revs for a few weeks already with a lot of driver changes apparently happening for the 2007 season.

Teemu’s move to Xray was finally confirmed today. See Xray website.

So what other changes can we expect?

Here are a few inside scoops on what might happen with some drivers that have contracts running out. Don’t count on them all being right, some are pretty certain though.

name – 2006 -> 2007

Marc Rheinard – Tamiya -> Tamiya (!?)
Viktor Wilck – Xray -> Tamiya (!)
Joel Myrberg – Xray -> Kyosho (??)
Steen Graversen – Tamiya -> Xray (?)

Associated Frustrated?

It appears Team Associated are dumping their Factory Team TC4 kit direct online via their website as an “interenet special”…

Based on how comments coming from Associated employees over the last few months I would say they are sounding more and more frustrated…but what do I know.

You be the judge!

“Until you know the whole story I would suggest not bashing a company for their processes.

We offered ALL of these vehicles (that we are selling direct on our site) to distributors so THEY could sell them at whatever price they wanted…and not ‘burn’ the dealers. NO DISTRIBUTORS WANTED THEM. So, what are we supposed to do with all the cars we have???????

We sell them direct, and a discounted price, to the end customer. Don’t get mad at us….WE OFFERED THEM TO THE DISTRIBUTORS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Give them a call and piss on them.” -TPhalen

Seems they had major difficulties getting anyone to buy the car! On the other hand, who would want a TC4? :DD