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2007 – Offroad Year

First signs that this is very much an offroad year are in.

Just check out the entry list for the Cactus Classic!

It’s very obvious that the Japanese manufacturers are pushing hard. Not only are many Japanese drivers racing at the Cactus Classic, which must be the first year for a long time, but also a lot of Europeans are on the entry list.

From Japan:
Atsushi Hara
Hayato Matsuzaki
Hiroshi Suzuki
Masami Hirosaka
Novi Utsugi
Satoshi Maezumi
Shinnosuke Adachi

From Europe:
Marc Rheinard
Neil Cragg
Hubert Honigl
Peter Pinisch
Paul Bradby
Darren Bloomfield

+ some that I probably missed
+ all the Americans

Could be an interesting race!


MSXX Build

I found a Japanese blog with a good report with many photos of building the MSXX.

You can check it out here:|en&tbb=1&ie=utf-8

MSXX Available

Well what should be the last version of the TRF415, the MSXX, is now available. TRF416 next if my sources can be trusted…

Below are some official photos from Tamiya.

Blank setup sheet can be found here.

Tamiya Japan MSXX product page

Tamiya USA MSXX product page


Toy Fair Over

Been home for a few days already but I’m still very tired.

The Toy Fair was very interesting, as well as our trip to Germany in general.

We went to the show Thursday-Friday. The picture below show 2 of around 12 halls:!: 🙂

So there were lots to see! We concentrated mainly on the RC stuff obviously, and that was more than enough for 2 days. Met some old friends and some new, some extremely nice people as well as less so, even some extremly bitter ones that definitely did not do a good job for their company… ;):roll:

Look for more impressions from the show on in the next couple of days.

A few observations though:

– first Ryanair experience was better than expected
– please note though that the Frankfurt-Hahn airport they fly to is actually way over 100km west of Frankfurt
– that was just fun though as it meant I could see parts of Germany that I had not seen
– we need a bigger motor in our rental car next year, a Ford Fiesta 1.3 screaming on the Autobahn at 150-180km/h is not as fun as it sounds even if it teaches you fast gear changes as under 4000rpm the engine is dead 😉
– if you ever travel to the area, stay at the Steigerwaldhaus!
– very good food and very good prices!
– why do Germans not speak English even though they can(same observation every time in Germany)?

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