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Robitronic Scalpel Build – Part 4

The Scalpel is built! Very quick to build with so few parts and it looks very good all built up with the carbon fibre parts and red anodized aluminium parts.

The electrics are still waiting to be installed. The brushless motor requires a different motor mount so there was an unexpected delay due to this.

I painted the body though so here are a few photos of that. I will post more once all electrics have been installed.


Robitronic Scalpel Build – Part 3

Time for the next steps.

Damper built, the manual does not suggest using any grease or oil but I used a fairly thin grease to get some damping effect.

Damper and battery holders installed.

Another view of the smart battery holders.

Rear axle and diff assembled. The included diff parts look to be quite good quality and the diff feels smooth.

Rear axle installed with left side wheel adapter.

Almost complete.

Here a couple of photos of the chassis fully assembled with the included tires installed, without electrics.

With GP cells.

With unpainted body cut and fitted.

Robitronic Scalpel Build – Part 2

Time to start building. Overall the build went fairly smooth although the manual is not as clear as I would have hoped.

The first step for me was as usual prepping all the carbon fibre parts. Never fun but the result is worth it. Since the chassis and most other parts are 1,5mm and a fairly soft carbon quality this step was not as time consuming as usual. Obviously there are a few holes in the carbon fibre parts on this car that you should leave alone, i.e. T-bar and front suspension holes.

As I have mentioned in my previous builds of the TRF415 and TRF501, I follow this guide when preparing carbon fibre parts.

All carbon fibre parts ready.

Front suspension.

Front axle & uprights.


Rear pod with beautiful red anodized aluminium motor mount, left plate and lower plate.

Carbon fibre T-bar attached.

T-bar posts with o-rings.

O-rings under and on top.

Beautifully formed upper carbon fibre plate and damper/antenna mount attached.

Damper plates with springs and preload adjusters and rear upper carbon fibre plate.

Full view of the chassis so far. Quite beautiful, ain’t it?

Front bumper and front & rear body mounts.

Robitronic Scalpel Build – Part 1

Towards the end of last year Robitronic presented their Scalpel 1/18 carpet racer.

Here is Robitronic’s own presentation of the Scalpel:

Robitronic introduce the first real 1/18 electric Pan Car ever.

This ultra-lightweight Pan Car-Style Chassis contains a High Performance POWER 300 Motor and is prepared for a 4 Cell-Battery-Pack. The high efficiency Drivetrain, the ultra low Point of Gravity with a GT-Style-Body with high Downforce, the ingenious Suspension and the Factory-glued Foam-Tires makes this Car into a Rocket on the Track.

Recently I had the chance to build one of these little cars for

I will post photos and comments from the build.

The Scalpel comes packaged very, very nicely – this seems to be a common feature with all Robitronic products today.

Here’s a quick look at the electronics intended to be installed in the Scalpel.

These include:
– Peak GP1300 2/3 battery
– Muchmore mini battery bars for 2/3 batteries
– Hacker E30-13L brushless motor
– Quark 33A brushless ESC

Still missing at this point; Hitec HS-85 micro servo and SPektrum 3500 micro receiver.

Here’s the included “LMS” type sports car body uncut and unpainted.

Manual, pre cut window mask and stickers.

Parts bags.

FinTrack Round 3

Bad race!

Quote of the weekend:
“Are the Novak SS5800 motors really causing problems in the Pro Stock class? There have been NO problems with the Novak SS5800 WE have sold…….” – by THE Finnish Novak distributor

Yeah Right!!!



Race report.



Hello world!

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Robironic Scalpel Build Coming

Have slowly built the Robitronic Scalpel during the last week.

A small photo-review of the car coming in the next few days.


Got the LRP TC Spec a couple of days ago.

Just waiting to install it in my car, need the receiver first. I should receive that with my new radio tomorrow so I can install everything in time for the weekend.

Third round of the Finnish nationals on Sunday so a bit tight on time. I also need to go through my car and change a few parts as well as rebuild some.

The TC spec should be quite good. Will be interesting to see if I notice any difference to the 2007 edition.

2007 Second National

Ok, over 1 week has passed since the second round TC national of 2007 and I have not written anything on here. Bad! 😳

Anyway, here’s a short news posting I did about the race in general:

For me personally the race was a lot of fun. After finally discovering the week before the race what was wrong with my car in the first national I could again enjoy driving. Don’t ask me what was the cause, I still have not figured that out, but after removing the Square alu steering spindles that I had installed before the first race (and used on the MSX all last year!) the problem was gone. :-/

I run a new setup at this race that was fairly un-tested but worked really well. I also continue running 5 cells 1500g – against everybody else running 6 cells – and it works bloody well. I think the decision to do so has proven to be one of the better decisions I’ve made…and seeing the speed of my car compared to others and me running since October without 1 problem just strengthen that belief.

I run an LRP Sphere 2007 and LRP 4,5t motor for this race as I’m testing it for – look for a review in the coming weeks. This worked really well, can’t really say if I like this or the GM more, and the power was quite impressive… Maybe I just have super batteries… Finishing in the B final I should probably keep quiet 😉 but I am quite happy about my speed and there was definitely nothing lacking in power.

Anyway there are videos of all A finals on Youtube, links also in the rcZone report as well as full results.

After a bit of nerves in the first qually and overdriving in the second I had to focus in the third and last round. Despite some stupid Spektrum glitches costing me 2-3 seconds I managed to drive quite ok for the 5 minutes. The B finals I really enjoyed with some really good racing. In the second one I lost concentration after a few minutes so I need to work on that not happening again. In the first one I surprised myself by not doing anything silly so I look forward to the next race now. Hopefully I can build on this as I felt I was finally driving as well as I did at the end of last winter season in this race. The next step would be to drive as well as last summer but then asphalt racing is always asphalt racing, which is always more fun and I’m better at that. Anyway, something to reach for…

My 1,5 B finals are also on Youtube (following my car).