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On Sunday we (J and me) leave for Denmark then!

So Saturday will be a full day of racing hopefully, then straight home to get a bit of sleep and then straight on towards Denmark on our little roadtrip via Åbo (Turku) – Sthlm – Gothenburg – Frederikshavn.

Dedication ❗

REALLY looking forward to next week. I need a break!




The week before the Off-Road Euros there was supposted to be the 7th rounds of the FinTrack Finnish TC Championship on the best track in Finland, but unfortunately heavy rain meant the race was postponed til August 25th.

Was really sorry that happened as I have very much looked forward to race on that track.

The TC racing for me has been really minimal this summer, which is a shame cause TC’s on asphalt is the best racing I know still.

Obviously this is much due to a lot of time spent on Off-Road; racing and Euros track and facilities work. In addition our local TC track has pretty much been destroyed by the Off-Road Euros arrangements… NO GOOD! 😦

This Saturday we have the 7th (would have been the 8th) round of the Championship though. I just hope the weather is decent as some asphalt TC racing would be really fun now.

Off-Road Euros

Off-Road Euros was run here in my home town July 22-28.

Really fun experience with a great final day and lat A-final to decide the 4wd champion.

The race was super organized, the track was great and the racing was very close. Scotty made sure the atmosphere was great and the event was enjoyed by everyone.

Personally I drove bad, although the 501 handled really well all through. Still, the end result was as good as I would have ever hoped for finishing 33th overall after a relly enjoyable D-final. 33rd in the Euros for my first year ever racing buggies is ok for me. The only frustration was that the speed was well there to be top 15 in a couple of rounds.

Guess one should not be too hard on oneself though… :-/

Neil dominated 2wd totally, never gave anyone a small chance, really impressive. In 4wd it was extremely close but Hupo deservedly took the win after an impressing display of driving under pressure in the last 2 finals.

Wish I could so both Off-Road and TC Euros next year…

Super coverage here:


You HAVE TO watch the last 4wd A-final


Off-Road Nationals -last round

Notice I’ve got a bit of a backwards chronology going here… :>

Last weekend, or Saturday, the final round of the Finnish Off-Road National series was held here in Vaasa on the Euros track. A bit of a different race for me…

Attendance was maybe a bit lower than at the previous race but still pretty good, even though most had taken part in the week long Euros just 2 weeks back.

I run a couple of packs in the week leading up to the race just to get the feelin’ back. Unfortunatly on race day the day started with quite heavy rain making the track very wet.

I had already basically decided not to race when the track was still quite wet in the second qual round of three. 30 minutes before my last qual would start I somehow got the idea that yeah I should race after all. ‘Luckily’ (?) I had a half full pack that I run in the morning just a couple of minutes as it started to rain.

I charged up the old pack just in time for my qual. Went out and drove a bit bad for the first laps, then realised that the car was pretty good and started doing some decent laps. Went really well until I made a silly mistake on my last lap, costing me third on the grid for the A-final…I would now start 7th.

First final I drove really, really bad, somehow I still finished 5th. Second final I drove quite well but made 2 costly mistakes that cost me 2nd or 3rd. I finished 4th. Last final I drove well in control, took the lead after 1-2 minutes and cruised to the win.

To my surprise I finished 3rd overall! Without those small mistakes in the second final I could even have won the race… Funny 8|

All after just 4 packs during the whole race….EASY! 😀

See the last final by dl’ing this video –

Latest Paintworkz

Was busy painting 4 PF Stratus 3.0AP LW bodies last night.

All of them for sale here:

TRF415MSXX Marc Rheinard Edition 2007

Yup, coming September!

TC Euros Tech Chart

Tech Chart from the TC Euros in France.

Thanks Reto.


Xray T2’EC Special

We love spy photos, right?

So here are a couple of them of the car Xray built for this year’s Euros…