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Team Magic E4 Build – completed car

Here are some pictures of the completed E4.

Electronics used are:

– Digipeak IB4200WC 5 cell batteries
– GM Evo 3 4.5T motor
– Futaba 9550 servo
– Futaba R603 2.4GHz receiver

I will post more details of the car later.

Click on the pictures for a larger version.


Team Magic E4 Build – part 4 – rear end assembly

Really like the look of the slim rear wishbones.

Rear upright – CVD comes built from the factory, just like the front. Rear driveshafts are aluminium as opposed to the steel shafts used up front.

The rear diff is in many ways similar to Xray diffs – using lightened aluminium diff outdrives, large rings and plastic covers to seal the differential. Diff balls are 2.5mm and 10 pcs. A large 3x6mm thrust bearing is used.

Team Magic E4 Build – part 3 – front end assembly

The pre-assembled parts of the E4 are well built. A nice touch is that the edges of the carbon fibre parts have already been rounded at the factory, leaving less work to you. Still I decided to take apart the pre-built bits and seal the edges of the parts with CA glue.

Another nice thing with the E4 that further confirsms the excellent presentation of Team Magic products is the included screw box with organizers and a sticker. This is a simple but clever idea by Team Magic and something that other manufacturers should learn from!

The wishbones of the E4 are not even close to the normal wishbone on an electric TC. First, the arm looks completely different with it’s flying wing design without openings. Secondly there’s the aluminium stiffener bar and finally the low damper mounting. Together these features surely make for a unique and exciting arm design.

The driveshafts, wheel axles, bearings come pre-assembled and mounted to the steering block. We’ll take a closer look at these later.

Another unique feature of the E4 is the ball bearing supported king pins. The small ball bearings make sure the steering is super-smooth.

Caster blocks are machined from aluminium and have 3 degrees of caster.

The front one-way/spool unit is machined entirely out of aluminium, yet is surprisingly light considering this. The unit can be trasformed into a solid axle (spool) by inserting an axle and pin.

Team Magic goes their own way with regards to the roll bars as well.

Finally a look at the completed front end of the E4 chassis.

Team Magic E4 Build – part 3 – pre-assembled chassis

The E4 comes partially assembled like this.

Team Magic E4 Build – part 2 – presentation

Team Magic are masters of presentation, that’s for sure!

Have a look at the following pictures of the packaging, presentation and supplied instruction manual and brochures.

Team Magic E4 Build – part 1 – it all starts here

One of the latest cars to be released on the extremely competitive electric TC scene is the first electric car from Team Magic – the E4.

I’ve had a chance to build and run one of the first cars, so here’s a little look at the E4.

This is the parcel I received one week ago from Team Magic, containing the E4 kit. Something worth noting is that it was posted in Taiwan on Friday evening and I had it the following Tuesday around 9AM! Pretty quick for halfway round the world!

Will the Real TRF416 Please Stand Up…

So finally some pictures of the TRF416 to be displayed at the Tokyo Hobby Show this week!

Nevermind the plastic bulkheads and stuff…they’re just rapid prototype parts.

Click a couple of time on the pictures for the full size version.


Thanks to RC Market for the scans.