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EFRA 2008 Battery List

New EFRA Approved Battery List for 2008 according to the new rules on maximum cell size.

Click the image for the PDF.


Testing with the JP Spool

On Saturday it was time for another TRF416 test session and a chance to test the car with a spool for the first time.

I started the day with my setup from last week with the one-way still in the car.

After 2 packs I then installed the spool for the rest of the day. The JP spool fit the car perfectly and looks just as great in the car as it does by itself! The aluminium support rings fits nicely without touching the bearing holders and won’t move due to the finely machined groove that it sits in. One good tip is to put some Tamiya Anti-Wear Grese in the outdrives to help in removing any chatter that is always there with any spool.

The car worked very well with the spool. Obviously it lost a slight bit of steering in some parts of the corner, but it gained some stability instead. Overall the difference between the spool and one-way was much less than with any car I have run previously. This is a good sign of how balanced the TRF416 really is and how well made the JP spool is.

I again played with the steering adjustments on the car, using different numbers of spacers gehind the steering ballstuds on teh steering bridge. The difference is not huge, but still very noticeable. This is a very good adjustment to fine tune the steering feel of the car. I again settled on 2mm as I feel the car is more predictable and has enough steering compared to using 4 or 5mm.

I also tried the Tamiya springs (white/blue) for the first time in a while and I actually think the car felt better with these. I will try it again to confirm my feeling.

The coming weekend there’s a break from testing, but it’s time to go through the car anyway. Will rebuild the diff for the first time (!) and the dampers as well.

TRF416 Spool

Received my TRF416 spool this week.

Looks amazing, superb finish!!! Will test it this weekend.

TRF416 Test 2

Yesterday I had the chance to do another test session with the Tamiya TRF416.

I’ve got to say that this car is so enjoyable to drive! I never thought running on carpet (a surface I’ve never really enjoyed) could be this much fun!

Below is the best setup I have run so far. A couple of changes compared to last weeks test. First I played with the steering a bit, again increasing the spacers between the steering link ball studs. This helped the car through the tight corners, although running less spacers makes the car more predictable. I now run 3mm, but I believe for this track maybe 2mm would have been the optimum for me. On a large track with race-type high grip I belive it might be a good idea to only run 1mm or even less.

Another change I tried, inspired by what I have seen from the TRF team on both the 415 and 416, was to raise the rear link by 2mm outside and in. I felt this made the rear end feel “softer” and more smooth, I’d say it felt better, but I need to experiment with this more.

A great improvement was to lengthen the weelbase at the rear by switching the spacers on the inner hingepins. I had so far run the wheelbase according to the instructions, i.e. 1mm in front of the arms and 3mm behind. So the wheelbase increased by 2mm. I really did not think this would make a big difference but it did. The car was really stable and easy to drive, but did not loose any corner speed. The car also fet amazingly smooth after this change, believe this is mostly due to the change in driveshaft angle.

I also tried the East Coast Lexus IS250 body again and it performed as good as anything else. Looks cool as well. 😉 Very light.

Another thing I tried was the Square Tamiya Aluminum High Torque Servo Saver. This is the same part used by the TRF team at the JMRCA race and now also at the DHI Cup. This used the springs and servo adapter from the original Tamiya servo saver but all the play is gone and it seemed to work very well.

For the next test session the TRF416 spools will have arrived so from then on I will run the spool.

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TRF416 First Real Test

Did the first real test with my TRF416 last Saturday and all I kept saying all day was “this is so much fun”! :)So it must be a great car!

I really, really enjoyed driving the car on the small carpet track.

The car handled really well all day and improved with every change throughout the day. Below is the setup where it’s at now, the best of what I managed to test in one day. I still have not even put a spool in the car as I’m waiting for a specific TRF416 made spool that will arrive soon. There was no real need though as the 416 is very easy to drive with a one-way, but for sure the spool will make it even better.

So far I have only scratched the surface of the chassis’ potential, but I’m mightily impressed. Next on the list of things to test is further tests of different steering spacing, wheelbase, damping and upper link lenths and heights.

Click setup to get the PDF.

Hupo Honigl with X6 for ’08

Euro Champ Hupo will run the X Factory X6 2wd buggy in 2008 and he already won his first race with the buggy.

No more Losi then…was he the last European to jump the ship going down?

This news would also seem to indicate that the much rumored TRFXXX 2wd buggy is still some way off.

Jilles @ TRF

So here’s the official picture.


Kyosho to Run New Car at DHI?

Just one week to go to the 2008 DHI Cup in Denmark. Should be a very interesting race this year…too bad I aint going.

Have an assignment for those that are going to be there though; Please take some photos of the Kyosho cars run by Graversen and Adachi!

The NEW Kyosho car has been around at least since the Shin version was released but has not been pictured anywhere. I first heard about this project in the middle of the summer but I have not heard anything new since then, until now. I have no clue if it will be used at the DHI Cup or not, but keep your eyes open and cameras ready 😉

Apparently the all new car has been throughly tested at the 2008 Worlds track in Thailand recently. Suppose Thailand is the place to be this year if you want to see all new stuff that’s tested…

Jilles to Tamiya – Official

So on the first day of the new year the rumors heard a couple of months ago are finally 100% confirmed.

Jilles Groskamp will together with Marc Rheinard, Viktor Wilck, Hupo Hönigl form a very strong Tamiya Racing Factory Team Europe. The first big race will be the DHI Cup, which will also be the debut of the TRF416 in Europe.