Monthly Archives: February 2008

New Stuph to Test

So I have a rather long list of new components to test hopefully tomorrow…

I’ll let you know about some results after tomorrow if I’m feeling well enough to go testing.


TRF416 Electronics Setup

You can click on this picture for a larger version.

Good/Bad Weeks

So after almost 1 great week in Germany and one not so good week I’m back. 8|

Last week I went to the Nurnberg Toy Fair again for the second time and it was great. Lots of interesting stuff as always and a good week all in all. I’ll get back to this later.

This week has not been so good though with high fever for 5 straight days, meaning I’ve been pretty much stuck in bed all week. Finally starting to feel at least a little bit better now.

TRF416 Now

phnk style

Painted a new body a couple of days ago.

I like 8|

Renault Art

Quite an artistic photo by the Renault F1 team… B)