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Hayato Matsuzaki Japanese TV


The Latest

LRP Touring Car Masters taking place this weekend. Should be an interesting event as ever.

Latest word coming from Eppelheim tonight as free practice is underway is that Team Yokomo have brought two prototypes for a new car with them. Exclusively revealed here ❗ 😀

Teams have been busy doing pre-race testing around Germany. Among them the TRF team, see here:

Will we see a former (?) Team Associated driver running for Kyosho/Orion this weekend ❓ 😉

EFRA TC Euros website updated with more info and warmup race info. Also found this Youtube video of electric TC racing on the track.

EFRA 2008 TC Body list published. Anybody know what has been changed on the Protoform Mazdaspeed body to require a new homologation?

EFRA also published results of the IFMAR postal vote on electric track matters.

Buried in this document are some pretty strange decisions by the IFMAR members. If I understand the document correct the 5 cell rule was not passed… STUPID FAMAR FEMCA and ROAR ❗

One good decision though is adopting the Global Body Spec for IFMAR as well. IMO the rules should be made even stricter though to force much more realistic TC bodies – think current WTCC/Super 2000 bodies.

That’s it for now…a couple of news from today.

TRF416 of Takayuki Kono

Also in the April issue of RC Magazine is this close up “Expert Check” article on Takayuki Kono’s TRF416.

Takayuki Kono won the Expert class at the debut race for the TRF416, the 2007 JMRCA Nationals.

You can click on the pictures for a larger version.

Source: RC Magazine

Yokomo Shaft Drive 4WD Buggy

Seems Yokomo are making a shaft drive 4WD buggy. Already heard some rumors of this some time ago now but this is the first I’ve seen. Would appear to be more of an affordable entry-level competition buggy – think Tamiya Durga.

Based on the blurred pictures in the mag it looks to be pretty much ready for production so expect to see it launched at Shizuoka at latest.

You can click on the pictures for a larger version.

Source: RC Magazine


Should have posted this when I got the mag for the scoop factor since now HPI Japan already published details yesterday.

But here you go.

You can click on the picture for a larger version.

Source: RC Magazine

RC Magazine 04/08

I like to get some of the Jap RC mags every now and then. Don’t think there are many people around me who understand why but… 🙄

Even if I don’t understand a word it’s obvious these mags are on a completely different level to any other RC mag anywhere.

The best of them IMO seems to be RC Magazine.

I’ll post a few scans from the latest issue next.

Euro ’08 Race Site

Just noticed a proper event site for the ’08 TC Euros in Vila Real Spain is now online, although still missing most info.

Click the banner to go to the site.

You can also check out this blog:

Tamiya Racing Factory Top 3

The TRF team takes 1-2-3 at the ETS round in Vejle, Denmark.

It was also confirmed a couple of days ago that the TRF team will be at the LRP TCM in 2 weeks time in full force with Kiyo joining the stong European team from Tamiya TRF Japan HQ.

More on the ETS race here:

me want

Never thought a VW would cause any real “I want” feelings…but here I am now…really wanting this car – in this colour as well ❗

Too bad I’m a poor bastard 😥

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