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Found some more pics of the updated RCS track thanks to Mirage Japan’s Maruyo blog.

The track has been completely resurfaced and slightly extended. Still retaining a couple of features from the original track. Looks quite good. Guess we’ll see more in 2 weeks time at the pre-worlds.

Stitched together the pics of the track in Photoshop. You can click on it for a larger version.

RCS Worlds Prep

Looks like mi dream track RCS in Thailand is undergoing some changes prior to the Worlds later this year and Warm-Up later this month.

Too bad they have changed the part I liked most…I had dreamt of driving the track as it was… :crazy:

Hard to tell much from the pic but to me it looks like the whole track has been resurfaced. Should be a great worlds anyhow. I really wanna go, maybe some filthy rich person can give me some tickets there as a birthday present…the worlds this year are just the right time for that.. :wave: