Monthly Archives: June 2008

two months…

Well it’s been two months since my last post. It’s been a crazy spring in many ways and for the last few weeks I’ve been meaning to update the blog but I have been very busy with work and races on the weekends – there have just been no time.

I’ve not even logged in here in all this time so I just now realized that the number of visits on the blog since the start is now well past 100.000… Thanks to all of you loyal readers! 😳

So here’s a quick recap of some of the racing I’ve done.

– first outdoor TC nationals at Helsinki/Vantaa in the middle of May. I had done no running prior to the race, and thus never run the TRF416 on asphalt. As expected the race did not go very well, the car was a bit hard to drive and I made mistakes. The race will be remembered for the very chilly weather.

– next up was first electric buggy race at last year’s Euros track here in my home town of Vaasa. Again no running prior to the race. The car worked well but I had difficulties with the jumps and was in the B I think.

– after this back to TC racing again. Once again I had done no running since the first race. This race was at Hyvinkää, very long and fast track that I like very much even though it’s quite old and could do with a refreshment. Again the TRF416 was a bit too difficult for me and although I improved the setup all day it was only in the last B final that I was really happy with my car.

– after this it was time for the Off-Road Nordics/EFRA GP again at the buggy track here in Vaasa. Of course without testing beforehand… Anyway, my plan was to run the 4wd support class on Saturday and the proper GP/nordics 4wd class on Sunday. Unfortunately the weather on Sunday was rather wet and I did not feel like making my rebuilt 501 all muddy. I did race on Saturday though and finished 3rd. I also run 2 packs after the race on Saturday and during these I found for the first time in offroad the sort of confidence you need in your driving to really do well. So I was a bit down that the weather was so bad Sunday. Whatever…this was a weekend I really enjoyed.

– last weekend was finally free from racing.

– this weekend I’m doing the ETS final in Germany.

I have painted some bodies and built some cars during the last few months as well. Here’s a pic of 1 body and 1 car. More to follow maybe.

As I mentioned I’m going to the ETS final in Andernach, Germany. Leaving tomorrow so the last few nights have seen me busy rebuilding my TRF416 and packing everything. Been too busy to take any pics but I’ll have my cam with me so I’ll make sure to take a couple of pics before I crash my car and post them later.

Should be an interesting race and a good weekend. Just hope it won’t rain. Looking forward to seeing the best drivers race on asphalt.

I’ll be back updating either when in Germany or after the race.