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Here’s a preview to the next part of my history series.

That’s me to the right…looking cool eeyyh !? 😀


über k


Tech chart from the TC Euros at Vila Real last weekend.

Click picture for a PDF.

k vid again

Australia Worlds 1989 – 2wd A.

Go Jamie! 🙂

listen to tha words

As good and true as it was 6 years ago and as it will still be in 60 years time…

part 1

part 2

part 3

Rally Finland ’08

Went to watch the Rally Finland WRC round this past Friday.

This was my second visit after I went for the first time last year. The experience was even better than last year though I missed seeing Finland’s best rally driver ever and 7-time Rally Finland winner Marcus Grönholm on the stages this year.

However, guess if I was gobsmacked when we arrived at our favourite spot for the first stage and the first person I see is….yes you guessed it – Marcus Grönholm!

He was standing there out in the woods waiting for the first car on Friday morning, just like us. No just walking around in the team hospitality unit, no going to VIP areas with a helicopter. No, Marcus drove to the stage in his Focus ST with his kids and co-driver just like everybody else. A true champion…

Overall the day was great and due to good planning we managed to watch 3 different stages and one service, all without any stress. The best things other than what I described above was again the sound of the Super 1600 JWRC cars, especially the Citroen C2 and old Clio and Sebastien Loeb on the last stage of the day…JUST AMAZING! You would not understand unil you see it with your own eyes.

Anyway here are just a couple of photos. First a couple of Marcus with friends and his Focus ST…

Back and Luckiest Man Alive

Well, time to start work again tomorrow so I’m back home now. Great that I have a good job to go to. And it’s been a great, great summer of 2008.

Below one of my photos from my favourite spot on earth and a suitable track…