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Ride Accord Type C

Developed in cooperation by Ride and Team Bomber, tested by Atsushi Hara.


TRF416 WE Shown

Official pics from the show last weekend.

Click for original size.

Dream Gets Clear




words are unnecessary

Driver Edition Up Close

Below some photos of the new Speed Passion Driver Edition motors. Now available at Racing Factory.

The MR and Wilck editions use a 12.5mm rotor without a fan while the Jilles edition has a rotor with a fan.

I like the Viktor edition the most myself, but then again I also very much like his paint by TD so no wonder I also think the motor looks the best of these.

Nice box comes signed…


Can you tell I’ve been busy today? 🙂

Switched TD Wilck paint…

HB Alfa 159

ETS 2008/2009 Round 1

Speed Passion Driver Edition Motors

Closer look tomorrow 😉

Guru Josh Project – Infinity 2008 – Oh yeah! 🙂

TRF November News

New products for the special 😉 month of November.

Note that the 3.5T Transpeed motor comes with the optional machined endbell standard.

42124 TRF Transpeed 3.5T brushless motor – November 1st release
42125 TRF Transpeed 6.5T brushless motor – November 1st release
42126 TRF Transpeed 7.5T brushless motor – November 1st release
42124 TRF Volac brushless ESC – November 1st release
42131 HL-cyliner (2) for TRF dampers – November 22nd release
42132 HL-cyliner (2 front) for Aeration dampers (TRF Buggy) – November 22nd release
42133 HL-cyliner (2 rear) for Aeration dampers (TRF Buggy) – November 22nd release
42134 HL-cyliner (2) for M Chassis dampers (54000) – November 22nd release