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TRF416 World Edition Shakedown

After three and a half months of no RC car running at all and something like 9 months since I last run on carpet, I finally made a come back this past weekend, running for 2 straight days on a proper carpet track.

This was obviously the first run with the TRF416 World Edition as well. On boxing day I quickly painted and stickered up a Mazdaspeed 6 body as that was all that was missing.

Not that much to report from testing really. The car was super from the go, so I did very few setup changes and focused more on motor/battery/body/additive testing…and just enjoying driving again with an awesome car.

I had built the WE chassis according to the manual setup with the following changes:

– Muchmore 500 oil F & R
– Tamiya white front & blue rear springs
– very little rebound, 3mm (nothing on top of bladder)
– 6mm front droop & 5mm rear (under arm)

I run the car with both lipos and nimhs, with various ‘pro stock’ motors. I tried a few bodies – normal Mazda, HB Alfa and the Mazdaspeed 6, but the Speed 6 was as expected the best for me.

This was also only my second time using my Futaba 4PK and I had a new S9551 servo in the car as well. Gotta say I absolutely love my 4PK!

The only changes I did to the chassis setup was to raise the dampers 1 hole on the towers both front and rear and this improved the car making it more precise. In the end when the grip came up I also widened the car by using 1mm wheel spacers front and rear.

I tried removing the screw from the upper deck at the steering brace, but just like last winter on carpet I did not like the feel of this.

Overall two super days at the track with some interesting testing with regards to batteries/motors and such.



So I finally got my hands on a (new) blue TRF tool set the day before Christmas!

I’m so happy! 8|

TRF year

Damn successful TRF year 2008 has been. Can’t really hope for a more succesful 2009, can we?

passione la speed

This is what she looks like…

Want a bit of gold? Trakpower POWER…

Finally a couple of oldskool pics with some blue Digipeak’s as requested by John… 😉

TRF416 World Edition K

Well most of my own World Edition is now ready.

Below a couple of photos with a few random comments along the way…

Use 42120 TRF blue titanium turnbuckles for the steering.

Use the fluorine coated kingpin balls in the steering as well. SUPER SMOOTH B)

TRF VG charger & power supply

First look at the production units.

42135 HP Battery Charger – High Performance
42136 Stable Power Supply 24A

Made by Muchmore of course…

k sty**

More laterzzz…




Some beautiful and inspirational pictures!


drool :p