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back in black

Back to the good old times! First day at work – qualified #2 – EASY! Gonna enjoy this…


TRF511 Boxed

Coming end of March!

Nürnberg 2009 – 3

Some new GM Racing / Graupner stuff displayed at Nürnberg.

The Genius 120 now comes all blacked out – lookin’ good! Also includes an external switch for the conservatists out there 😉

GM Pro motor lineup

Adjustable timing optional endbell for the aforementioned motors

Some of the new GM car lipos

Lots of batteries coming, lipo, life, saddle pack

Very interesting new Ultra Duo Plus 40 charger. Very similar to the Ultra Duo Plus 50 charger released last year that I own, but with the major difference being that it has no built in power supply, making for a smaller size and lower price.

New soldering station, ‘very similar’ to a certain product released in blue some time ago!

Nürnberg 2009 – 2

Some other beautiful TRF bits!

TRF VG Motor checker and tyre warmer. Me want the tyre warmer!

TRF Transpeed brushless motors

TRF VG Power Supply & Charger


Worlds winning TRF416 WE

Nürnberg 2009

So I once again attended the Nürnberg Toyfair a week ago.

Will post some pictures with some random comments again.

First up the most important new release of the show – the TRF511 😉

This one was interesting as during the first hectic visit to the Tamiya stand I did notice the car and had a quick look from a bit of a distance. I could see that the suspension arms, belts etc were new but I just thought, ‘oh it’s just a small update’.

It was only when I returned to the stand a few hours later and actually took the car in my hands that I noticed that it’s a completely new car, even though it looks so similar.

Speaking to Kiyo Suzuki I also got some info on the ideas behind the TRF511. In the end I probably went to check out the car lke 5 times or something as I was intrigued by the design. Basically the chassis assembled is a lot more flexible than the ultra-stiff TRF501. The new suspension arms are also more flexible compared to the previous version.

Another major improvement made is that the car is now a lot more service-friendly. The spur/pinion play is now adjusted easily from the left side, so no more ESC in the way of the screws. The drivetrain with its various components is also removed easily.

All in all the TRF511 almost made me want to try offroad again. 🙂

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National #1 ’09

Find my setup from the first national of 2009 below. Good enough to win the pro stock class 🙂

Was a super weekend with good racing in all classes. Enjoyed running pro-stock again very much. Could finally push the car and enjoy it again.

The TRF416WE is a dream car. So easy to drive.

Results from the race here:

Videos of finals here:
TSM = TC mod
TSP = TC pro stock