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Cyclone Beauty

Beautiful picture of Atsushi Hara’s winning chassis from the TITC 1 month ago.



It’s Here!

TRF511 Body v.1

Only in Japan for TRF Project Supporters :(

Me want!


Better picture of the final product.

gives you wings

Pics of the 54134 Buggy Racing Wing Set – Lowered Mounting

funniest final in my 15 years racing

So what was up next then?

Well round 2 of the Finnish nationals was – at the end of February. I had no motivation or inspiration going into this one, not helped one bit when seeing the track either – being way too tight and narrow according to me.

So a bit of a disaster then, but I’m glad to report that it at least gave me to funniest final I have ever run in my 15 years of racing!

And I’m also glad to say that it was caught on tape…so enjoy! I start 4th, working my way “through traffic” and then using a few tricks driving defensively 😉

wakeup call

Time to wake up, eh?!

First some final highlights (?) from Nürnberg.

Very interesting 1:1 Birel kart in the Kyosho booth. Super nicely built.

Nicest packaging in this industry so far!

New Robitronic TC prototype

Interesting Robbe charger


HB Morespeed TC prototype body with interesting wing mount positioning

One of the nicest paintjobs at the show

Those who created these monsters should be shot dead on the spot…

Should not be neccesary to say anything about this

Amalgam F1 models. On the shopping list the day I win the lotto…

Also on the shopping list that day

That security guard in the corner must have wondered “what’s this guys problem” as I spent 15 minutes looking at every possible part of this one. I’m not denying anything BTW…must be something wrong I guess 😉

The most beautiful stand at the show, not surprisingly from the Italians at Motonica. Even had some eye candy :p

Really wanna try some of that magic spray…

That was that for at least another year.