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Tamiya Shizuoka Day 1

The most interesting car releases from Tamiya are definitely the M05 Pro and F104 Pro chassis’. In addition the ver. 2 TA05 is displayed for the first time. Hopefully we’ll get to see pics of some of the new parts in the next few days.

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Völker Joins Yokomo

First day of the Shizuoka show today and some interesting news coming out of Japan!

A major move on the TC scene is Ronald Völker’s switch from HB to Yokomo. Means Yokomo have another top driver ready to take the big wins after Masami’s retirement. Will the dark blue duplicate be good enough to take the fight to the TRF machine? 🙂

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TRF News @ Shizuoka ’09

The doors at the Shizuoka Hobby Show opens in a few days and Tamiya have a long list of new products that will be displayed for the first time. Among them also a few TRF highlights.

The TRF tools have finally been reborn getting a bit of an update in the process compared to the tools from 2002’ish time. These will be relased as TRF series producs (that means 42*** numbers) and will be released in July.

Allen wrench driver (1.5mm)
Allen wrench driver (2.0mm)
Allen wrench driver (2.5mm)
Box wrench (5.5mm)
Box wrench (7.0mm)
BP Allen wrench driver (2.5mm)
Spare bit for Allen wrench driver (1.5mm)
Spare bit for Allen wrench driver (2.0mm)

Another new release are the limited edition damper stays for the TRF416. These feature closer spacing of the damper mounting holes for finer adjustments. Get these when released as they are limited edition items.

84087 TRF416 Damper Stay – Rear/Adjustable Position
84086 TRF416 Damper Stay – Front/Adjustable Position