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Already look very much forward to going to Andernach for the ETS final again! Even more so after finding this picture!



Somewhere in between these races and all the work I somehow managed to go to Sweden for round 2 of this years STCC (Swedish TC Championship),

I once went to a STCC race before…if you scroll back long enough in this random blog you might even find some pics and stuff 😉

Anyway, just like that time I truly enjoyed this years trip as well. Might even have to do a repeat soon 🙂

Below a few photos…make sure you notice the rear camber on the Volvo C30 😉
And guess who did the paint design for it? 😉


Second a slight update on my racing.

Early May saw the first outdoor national and unfortunately RAIN…
I managed to get 2 packs on dry asphalt in the morning though and truly enjoyed every minute. Too bad the race rained away as I would’ve loved a full days racing on one of my favourite tracks.

Then some 10 days ago I did my second ever large scale event. Zero preparation and a poor car made sure I had to work hard for it, but in the end after a C, B and A final (over 90min driving in 1 day) I got a third place! I have never had to concentrate so hard for so long! The last 15 min of the A was door to door racing which made it all the more fun.

The past weekend it was time for the second outdoor national with the 1/10 TC cars. This was a race I would never have gone to if it were not for work obligations…
Taking place on an old parking lot it was like going back to the 90’s… Stupid if you ask me. The freezing weather really sealed it off nicely…7 deg C oh yeah! 😉
Anyway, my car was alright and I had a decent advantage so it was just a question of delivering in the finals 😉


Rainy day, finally a few spare moments, time for a slight update.

First a bit of beautiful art, by