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Tamiya Philippines Inc

Interesting link!

First in Quality Around the World

Tamiya Philippines,Inc. is part of the worldwide Tamiya group of companies manufacturing high quality precise Hobby products such as miniature model kits and radio-control vehicles utilizing the most advanced technologies and processes ranging from metal mold-making,printing,and production until the packaging of the final product.Our facilities are strategically built on four hectares inside the Special Economic Zone in Lapu-Lapu City,Philippines,Our company also extends its finest product-services to other valued clients who take advantage or our mold-making,printing and packaging expertise.


200 000

Hey, just noticed this blog just passed 200 000 views. Would not have thought, I gotta say! :yes:

New GM 5400 45C & 50C lipos

The new GM 5400 45C & 50C lipos arrived today.

The 50C version is 25mm high and a bit too tight for the 416X. The 45C version is 23.5mm high and fits without problems.

Both are on the 2010 EFRA list of homologated batteries. There are also 2 other versions from GM with similar values, but these are not yet available.


Got bodies from hightechpaint – FINALLY! 🙄


TRF team 2010 – officially.

New TRF Products Coming Soon…

Coming soon… 😉

42168 Touring Car Short Type Spring Set (Black)
42163 TRF511 Rectangle Battery Holder

TRF sticker set (finally!)

58447 Tamiya Ferrari F60

Currently building a Tamiya Ferrari F60. Just needs to paint the bodywork now that I got the right red.

Just one big dilemma – need to get some Fernando stickers for the helmet…

Second 416X Test

The first weekend of 2010 I did the second test with the 416X.

Running on a track tighter and narrower and with more drivers running with the Xenon 28’s, the test session at least served to remind me why missing the Finnish indoor national races this year is the right thing to do. Even though this was on a very low grip carpet and I was running good tyres (Sorex) it gave me enough of a hint and reminder what the races will be like, as the rubber from the Xenon’s build up on the racing line.

My car was a bit tricky to start with but towards the end of the day I was fairly happy. I only made some small changes during the day. I stood up both the front and rear dampers – this worked well at races last winter, and again made the car easier to drive. Then I also switched to the LTC-R body which I liked better on this track.

The rest of the time I played around a bit with the steering brace again and additives. As well as the Speed Passion Stock software and settings.

Since this I have not done any further running with the 416X. Next will probably be when I get my hands on the new Speed Passion GT2.1 Pro Stock.

this b good

New TRF Off-Road Signing?

So Lee Martin might be on his way to the TRF offroad team then? Good move I say…