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Nürnberg 2010 – TRF

The TRF section was quite anonymous this year with just a couple of small new items.

Rumor has it though that there was a rather interesting TRF product somewhere in the back room… Think TRF212 😉

New TRF-line products on display:

42163 TRF511 Rectangular Battery Holder
42164 TRF Sticker Sheet
42165 TRF Damper Pistons (Blank /4pcs.)
42166 Aeration Damper Pistons (Blank /4pcs.)
42168 Touring Car Short Spring Set (Black) (for M05)


Nürnberg 2010

A bit of a slow Toyfair this year, but as always the highlight of this trip was to meet all the people.

The highlight of the products on display this year was definitely this! 😉

A couple of more 1:1 scale cars on display:

HTP bodies