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TRF Spring Collection


My next car


Have not raced all winter, even though I have travelled to most major races in Finland due to my job with Racing Factory.

At the last indoor national of the year just over 1 week ago, upon seeing the first decent track of the indoor season, I decided to ask if I could race even if I had not sent any entry. This was ok, even though stupid expensive (typical-stupid-follow-the-rules-to-the-letter-finland-thing) so I spent Sunday racing in the Pro Stock 10.5T class. It was a truly enjoyable day as I found more speed throughout the day. Unfortunately final 1 & 3 were partly spoilt due to me making bad starts and having a bit of bad luck.

Anyway, will not bore you with any more text now.

Final 2 which I won starting from second on the grid.

Final 3 – crash first corner and left last. Can see a lot of my car in this video as I try a bit too hard to catch up. Speed Passion power baby! 😉

Spring Feelings

Summer must be close as I wake up and even raced last weekend!

First though some interesting pictures from last weekend’s Asia Cup race at Yatabe Arena.

Seems these pictures have not catched the interest of TRF drivers around the world yet, so better share them. What’s interesting is that these are the first pictures of official TRF lipo experimental chassis. So the first steps before a TRF417 possibly… 😉

It’ll be interesting to see what the TRF team runs at the next major international races. First the Heemstede ETS and the week after the Worlds warmup and the Reedy Race. Apparently Marc, Viktor and Kiyo will do the Reedy Race.

First Kiyo Suzuki’s 416 (finished 5th)

Here’s Takayuki Kono’s 416 (finished second)

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