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Leaving for the Worlds in Burgdorf Germany tomorrow morning. This will be fun.

Below a glimpse of the latest projects.


Busy Testing

Productive testing days lately…

TRF goes Twitter

Golf reloaded



Have run the FF-03 a little the last three days now and I’m absolutely in love with this car!

The setup as built per instructions is already very good. Just make sure you check the droop is equal and that the rear dampers are not limiting rear droop. Needed to unscrew the ends a bit.

Í made a front roll-bar out of parts I had, using the H (hard) front bar made for the 416 together with some 32mm turnbuckles and the neccesary cups, balls and other hardware. This allows you to be a lot more aggressive going into the turns and makes the car really fun to drive.

The FF-03 has a lot of steering and carries amazing corner speed. It’s fairly quiet and is really good over kerbs, and the realism is just great!

TRF Tools

FF-03 PRO Build

Tamiya FF-03 PRO build photos below.

you can click on each picture

Gearbox is impressive, very free.

Gearbox, alu motor plate and front upper arms ball.

60 spur and 40 pinion, as you can see you could fit a bigger pinion.

Steering, added some 850 bearings while I wait for the alu steering.

Front suspension rockers.

Gearbox and front bumper fitter to chassis.

Rear bulkhead.

Rear suspension.

Rear suspension fitted to chassis.

TRF dampers and foam bumper added.

Complete chassis.

Narrow 🙂

Golf GTI body with Swift Super 1600 wing painted black.


Speed Passion 17.5, Speed Passion Cirtix Stock Club Race ESC, Savox 1251 servo, Futaba receiver, GM lipo, some option parts, lots of black cable and black permanent marker 🙂

FF03 Pro photos delayed :)

More tomorrow… 😉


FF03Pro pictures coming tomorrow.