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JMRCA Action

That track looks crazy…


TRF417 Debut – Tamiya Press Release

TRF417 Debuted at 2010 All Japan Nationals!

The 2010 JMRCA 1/10 Electric Powered Touring Car All Japan Championships took place in Hakusan-City, Ishikawa Prefecture from September 24th-26th. TRF drivers Satoshi Maezumi and Takayuki Kono entered the Super Expert Class with the recently announced TRF417 chassis.

Due to bad weather on the practice day, the amount of driving data which Satoshi and Takayuki could obtain for their machines was limited. However, they steadily scored points and Takayuki took the 8th qualifying position with Satoshi qualifying in 9th position, enabling both drivers to advance to the A-Main Finals.

During the finals, they fought hard and Takayuki took 2nd place in the 2nd heat while Satoshi took 3rd place in the 3rd heat. Satoshi and Takayuki went on to finish 4th and 6th places respectively in the class standings, demonstrating the great potential of the TRF417 chassis.

In addition, Yoshiaki Takahashi (from Niigata) took 10th place overall with his TRF416X chassis, resulting in 3 Tamiya machines in the top-10.

2010 JMRCA 1/10 Electric Powered Touring Car All Japan Championships
Super Expert Class Results

Place Driver Car Points
1 Ronald Volker Yokomo 20
2 Daisuke Yoshioka Yokomo 17
3 Takayuki Inoue Xray 15
4 Satoshi Maezumi TRF417 14
5 Yoshihiro Yamauchi Yokomo 14
6 Takayuki Kono TRF417 13
7 Naoto Matsukura Yokomo 12
8 Kota Matsumoto Kyosho 12
9 Hayato Matsuzaki Yokomo 10
10 Yoshiaki Takahashi TRF416X 6

In conjunction with the Super Expert Class, the Open Class championship was also held. Akio Sobue (from Chukyo) drove his TRF416X chassis (w/Upgrade Set) to take the TQ and 1st place finish to become the class champion! Masayuki Kawada (from Kansai) and Makoto Matsumura (from Hokuriku) with their TRF416Xs also qualified for the A-Main finals and took 2nd and 5th place finishes respectively, once again showing off the potent performance of the TRF416X chassis.

2010 JMRCA 1/10 Electric Powered Touring Car All Japan Championships
Open Class Results

Place Driver Car Points
1 Akio Sobue TRF416X 20
2 Masayuki Kawada TRF416X 17
3 Satoru Takagi 16
4 Hiroshi Kamibayashi 15
5 Makoto Matsumura TRF416X 14
6 Mihuyu Toki 13
7 Hisazumi Watanabe 13
8 Shiro Saito 11
9 Yoshinobu Sakai 10
10 Shinnosuke Ogino 5

JMRCA TC Expert & Super Expert Championship 2010

Both TRF417’s entered made the A final at the JMRCA Super Touring Car Expert class.

Have still seen no pictures of the TRF417 with the body off though. Maybe they don’t want to show it before the official launch at the hobby show in 2 weeks time.

1 Ronald Volker Yokomo
2 Daisuke Yoshioka Yokomo
3 Inoue Takayuki Xray
4 Satoshi Maezumi TRF417
5 Sannai Takehiro Yokomo
6 Kono Takayuki TRF417
7 Matsukura Naoto Yokomo
8 Akimoto Hiroshi Kyosho
9 Hayato Matsuzaki Yokomo
10 Takahashi Yoshiaki TRF416X

The TRF416X finished 1-2 in the Expert Open Class (non factory drivers – 13.5T motors).

Maezumi and Kono 417’s on track
Winning 416X UPG

FF03 Options Coming

54258 FF-03 Carbon Damper Stay (Rear)

This Carbon Damper Stay will provide your machine with greater overall rigidity. It also has seven damper attachment positions to offer a greater range of setting possibilities.

Specs & Features
FF-03 Carbon Damper Stay (Rear) x 1pc.
3x15mm hex screw x 2pcs.-3mm thick.
3x8mm screw x 3pcs.
5mm ball connector nut x 2pcs.
3x8mm hex screw x 3pcs.
3x15mm screw x 2pcs.
6x7mm aluminum spacer x 2pcs.

54259 FF-03 Carbon Motor Stay (L)

This Carbon Motor Stay will provide your machine’s gearbox axle and motor installation area with improved rigidity. It is lighter than the kit supplied M3 part

Specs & Features
Carbon motor stay x 1pc.-3mm thick.

54261 FF-03 Carbon Steering Link

Customize your FF-03 machine with this Carbon Steering Link. When installed, it will provide your machine with improved straight driving stability and sharper steering response.

Specs & Features
Carbon steering link x 1pc.
3x8mm hex screw x 2pcs-3mm thick.
3x10mm screw x 2pcs.
5mm ball connector nut x 2pcs.
3x10mm hex screw x 2pcs.
3x8mm screw x 2pcs.
5.5×1.0 setting spacer x 2pcs.
630 flanged bearing x 2pcs.
3x5x0.2mm shim x 6pcs.

54264 FF-03 Carbon Stiffener (Rear)

These 3mm thick carbon stiffeners for FF-03 machines will provide your machine with improved chassis rigidity and will help improve the effect of your dampers.

Specs & Features
FF-03 Carbon Stiffener (L) x 1pc.
FF-03 Carbon Stiffener (L) x 1pc.
3x8mm screw x 4pcs.
3x10mm screw x 2pcs.

TRF502 Picture

click for a larger version

TRF Update

While the TRF417 chassis is debuted at the JMRCA nationals this weekend, below 2 high-resolution versions of the TRF502X CAD images.


42183 1/10 R/C TRF502X Chassis Kit

Developed by the world championship winning Tamiya Racing Factory team, Tamiya is proud to announce the arrival of the TRF502X. This machine features an orthodox layout and shape which features a shaft driven 4WD system as well as carbon fiber decks, damper stays, and an aluminum motor mount which has been designed with the best possible shape and thickness. Also, large durable front and rear ball differentials enable excellent power transmission. Used in conjunction with a brushless motor and lithium battery, the TRF502X with its shaft drive set up and high-speed layout design, will be the weapon for you to take onto technical tracks!

Motor Mount

The center unit is equipped with a slipper clutch and the aluminum motor mount will provide excellent support for a high-power brushless motor. The front/rear separated upper deck and main chassis offer excellent durability and chassis roll balance.

Front End

The large front ball diff. features 12 inch-sized balls which offer long-lasting smooth and stable operation. High performance aeration dampers are installed onto durable front and rear carbon damper stays that provide excellent support for big jumps.

Rear End

Chassis layout features an excellent balanced design, allowing separated lithium battery packs to be installed. Battery position can be adjusted to enable more setting possibilities. The use of the assembly type propeller shaft and joint also improves ease of maintenance.

Tamiya USA product presentation:

TRF502X Chassis Kit

This is a high-end shaft-driven 4WD off-road buggy. The TRF502X Chassis Kit, which is designed to compete in top-level races is a shaft drive version of the TRF511.

Specs & Features
• Highly durable chassis consists of carbon fiber upper and lower decks and utilizes many aluminum parts.
• Features an optimized weight distribution designed to match lightweight, block-shaped batteries.
• Shaft-driven 4WD system with the front-mid motor in a longitudinal position offers superb stability and handling.
• Uses the TRF511�s proven suspension system.
• Kit also includes:
o Front/Rear Carbon Fiber Damper Stays
o Front/Rear Aluminum Suspension Mounts
o Front/Rear Large Ball Differentials
o Spur Gear with Built-In Slipper Clutch
o Aeration Dampers
o Front/Rear Universal Propeller Shafts
o Full Ball Bearings


A larger scan of the top view of the 417.

Click on it will ya.

TRF417 – 3

The official English Tamiya version of the text posted in the earlier post:

1/10 R/C TRF417 Chassis Kit

July 2010 saw the Tamiya Racing Factory (TRF) team and ace team driver Marc Rheinard win the IFMAR World Championship with the TRF416X. Already with an eye on winning the 2012 IFMAR World Championship, Tamiya is proud to introduce the newly developed TRF417. Although it has the same superb high traction characteristics as the TRF416, the overall balance of the layout has been reexamined and specially designed for use with lithium batteries and brushless motors.

Some new developments of the TRF417 include a new motor position, increased motor mount rigidity, an improved secondary gear ratio reduction, optimized chassis layout, re-designed steering linkage, and extra durable ball diffs. All these new changes allow the machine handle superbly while cornering. Also loaded on the TRF417 is an assortment of proven parts seen on the TRF416X such as short reversible suspension arms and uprights with 1050 ball bearings which help reduce friction loss experienced when cornering. In addition, the TRF417 comes with identical front and rear bulkheads and is compatible with a wide variety of TRF parts. Come and try the high performance and superb cornering handling performance of the TRF417.

Rear Section
Using a 19T center pulley, the secondary gear ratio reduction becomes 1.94, which is very close to the ideal rate for brushless motors. With this, flexing resistance on drive belts is reduced and speed loss is minimized when the throttle is off. It also comes equipped with a 113T spur gear and the motor position is shifted forward. In addition, newly designed ball diff housing and diff plates provide extra durability.

One Piece Motor Mount
The one piece motor mount offers extra strength and durability to handle high power motors, enabling transmission of the motor power to the drivetrain with minimal friction loss. The center shaft is supported by aluminum posts on both sides. Compared to the TRF416X, the motor mount has been moved forward and toward the center for optimized balance and cornering grip.

Steering Section
The newly designed steering linkage is not connected to the upper deck, providing improved flexibility to hold traction during cornering. It also features an optimized steering layout design which improves the center of gravity and cornering characteristics of the Ackermann system. In addition, the TRF417 is equipped with identical front and rear bulkheads and is compatible with a wide variety of parts.

Finally, the TRF417 product presentation text from Tamiya USA:

This is the 2010 IFMAR ISTC World Championship-winning machine, the TRF417 Chassis Kit. TRF417 was created using valuable race data gained through races with the TRF416 and aims to win the world championship in 2012.

Newly Designed Parts
Front/Rear Carbon Damper Stays
Front/Rear Aluminum Bulkheads
Aluminum Motor Mount
Aluminum Center Shaft
Aluminum Diff Joint
Aluminum Steering Arms and Linkage
Diff Plates
Wheel Axle
Cross Joints
19T Pulley
Carbon Lower & Upper Decks (thicknesses TBA)

Specs & Features
– The chassis design is focused on weight distribution and high-traction characteristics, with *the new minimum chassis weight rule in mind. *The 2012 world championship regulations state that the minimum chassis weight will be restricted to 1,350g. (1,450g in 2010).
– The TRF417 has an optimized chassis layout for high-power lithium batteries and brushless motors.
– One-piece aluminum motor mount offers extra strength and durability to handle high-power motors, enabling transmission of the motor power to the drive train with minimal friction loss.
– Compared to the TRF416, the motor position has been moved about 2.0mm towards the center to keep high traction during racing.
– By using a 19T pulley, the internal drive ratio becomes 1.94, which is very close to the ideal rate for brushless motors (2.0). With this, the car has less flexing resistance on drive belts and speed loss is minimized when the throttle is off.
– Newly designed steering linkage is not connected to the upper deck, providing improved flexibility to hold traction during cornering.
– Newly designed ball diff housing and plates provide extra durability.-Identical front and rear bulkheads.
– Comes equipped with short reversible suspension arms and TRF416 uprights.

TRF417 – 2

Translated text beware! 🙂
I added a few notes () where possible to make it clearer! 🙂

Feedback won four World Championship latest know-how!
A sign of renewed enthusiasm for all new machine-name TRF417

The next World Championship is scheduled for 2012, starting with the team name of the new car will start running a new TRF417. He can not even imagine from an orthodox appearance, the design is packed with the latest know-how.

TRF416 series has focused on ensuring Riyatorakushon (rear traction) during acceleration. This time, TRF417 completely moved by brushless motor and battery power source is square (lipo), the tire and re-examine Gurippubaransu (grip balance) control. Rigid motor mount and motor position changes, the second gear ratio changes, chassis layout change, change steering linkage, and thorough review of the design details of new prize for the ball diff, and we focused on making machines more cornering. Suspension Shotoribasasu course of fermentation, while using reliable parts of traditional uprights 1050 and has been reduced when cornering rotation loss. Front and rear bulkhead is also a common design and has also considered the compatibility of parts. Please come and experience another dimension of cornering performance!

Around the rear

19T Center Pulley adopted, the second reduction ratio of 1.94 at lower throttle speeds as feeling. Driving from further increases in efficiency can be reduced bending resistance and belt. The new 113T spur gear change, move forward with the motor position. Even aluminum ball differentials and housing, new plate design and durability, the one where the initial operation.

The motor mount accept an output power of advanced brushless motor mount uses the integrated one-piece aluminum and even most left and right shaft support center can be transmitted to the drive without a loss. Even compared to motor ahead TRF416X about 2mm, 2.5mm with moving around inside, and then contribute to change, especially in the slow corners grip weight balance.

Steering around

Maintain steering wiper flexibility and upper deck, but do not connect to approximate conventional maneuverability, size, and a thorough review. Ackermann achieved without changing habits since entering the corner, we also promote a low center of gravity. The front and rear bulkheads are also considered part compatible with the common design.

TRF417 Chassis (tentative)
Expected to release in December
Tentative price ¥ 79,800 (U.S.)