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TRF417 Gear Diff -> Spec-R

The TRF gear diff will be released in a couple of days and seems that it is a re-badged Spec-R unit much like many other of the TRF-series (#42***) products. Think Muchmore chargers, tyre warmers and Xenon greases…

It will however include the latest black x-rings etc.

Translated text
– IFMAR ISTC World Championship two consecutive, four career victories as a commemorative project will be released at the Giyadefuyunitto Tamiyasupesharupakkeji actually used in the 2010 World Championships.
Of course, also supports new TRF417 chassis.
– Giyadefu Ball has different settings and in typical count of silicone oil
By adjusting can be a fine setting.
– Because the case is sealed, def less pain itself, the longer maintenance cycle than Ball.
– For Oirupakkin O-rings used in the X World Championships will be released in the ring.


Coming Soon

42185 TRF417 Gear Diff Unit 😉

Factory Driver TRF502X

Here’s the TRF502X of Factory driver Takayuki Kono and a more overhead shot of the 417.


TRF417 & FF-03 Full Option

A couple of more shots of the TRF417 from the Hobby Show, as well as one of the FF-03 with all the new and old option parts fitted.

More Hobby Show TRF

Satoshi Maezumi’s 417 used at the JMRCA Super Expert TC Championship.

New parts for TRF502X.


417 New Parts

TRF417 Logo & TRF Vid

The TRF417…

And it’s heritage…

Tokyo Hobby Show – First Tamiya Pictures

Click for a larger image

TRF502X Video

Next FF-03 Body