Monthly Archives: January 2011

FF-03 Pro Carbon Assembled


FF-03 Pro Carbon Chassis

Got the 3Racing carbon conversion kit for my FF-03 Pro.

I usually stay away from 3Racing products on my TRF417 and FF-03 but I wanted to at least see how this looks…

Spec-R 417 Diff Latest Version

Recently built a new Spec-R gear diff for my TRF417 with the new alu outdrives.

The diff itself was the latest version with x-rings, gasket and new shims. Another nice improvement is that they finally come with hex screws. The finish of the new alu diff joints look good and they do save quite a bit of weight at the far end of the car, as well as rotating weight as well obviously, so they should be a good option.

TCX ISTC Worlds 2010

This strange looking chassis appears to be that of Hara at the Worlds last summer. Wonder how I had not noticed that one before ❓

If it indeed is no wonder they struggled bad time…

RC City – Futaba Cup video

Here’s a video where you can see the RC City track. 11.5T class with Atsushi Hara, Jilles Groskamp and Surikarn.

Hara TCX

Below a picture of Atsushi Hara and his HB TCX from the Futaba cup held @ the RC City track in Bangkok Thailand. This is the track where this years TITC will be held.