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New Tamiya Chassis’ @ Shizuoka


First TRF417 Asphalt Test

The unbelievebly warm and sunny Easter weekend and a trip to the south of Finland for other reasons provided me with a chance to get the asphalt season started early this year. It could not have started in better conditions as I spent a good part of Saturday at the top TC track in Finland – KyPak Circuit in Kuusankoski in beautiful spring weather.

The track was obviously quite green but the grip on-line was decent and made it possible to do some productive first testing with the new platform for 2011 – the TRF417.

I started off with a setup pretty much where I ended up 2010 with the TRF416X. As you would expect with TRF chassis the car was really more than decent right from the start but I did improve it throughout the day just by making small changes. Although a lot is still left to test I ended the day with a car I felt very confident with.

The KyPak Circuit has since it was resurfaced and reprofiled a couple of years ago been one where you need to and can afford to run less toe than at other tracks. This due to a long on-power acclerating section where you’re constantly turning right, and it’s important for your lap-time to keep a tight line here. In addtion it is also a track where you need a ‘free’ car that does not scrub of much speed. See pictures of the track at the end of the post (run anti-clockwise).

As I started off with 3 deg of rear toe the first improvement was to reduce this to 2.5 after which I tried to improve overall grip with special focus on front end. Below a list of what worked…

– moved battery to the rear position
– removed carbon brace on top of steering posts
– replace rear front block with split 1C
– replace front rear block with split 1XA
– reduce rear toe to 2 deg

I also tried a couple of other things, as well as the Mazdaspeed 6 and LTC-R bodies. Regarding the bodies on that track it felt like mostly a driver preference thing as both were good at the different parts and you could get away with running the LTC-R without overheating the rear tyres.

That’s it for the first test, but I can’t wait to run more soon.
There really are very few things more fun than running electric TC on asphalt…

Click for PDF
(*noticed one mistake, front upper damper position should be 2)

More TA06 PRO


58492 TA06 PRO Chassis Kit

84205 TB-03 VDS Drift Spec Chassis Kit

84104 M-05 S-Spec Chassis Kit

TRF417 Chassis Kit (w/Gear Differential Unit II)

The next batch of 417’s will get updated to include the new TRF Gear Diff and the car will therefore get a new part number.

42200 1/10 R/C TRF417 Chassis Kit (w/Gear Differential Unit II)

At the 2011 Thailand International R/C Touring Car Championship (TITC) held in February, TRF drivers raced their TRF417’s with a new Gear Differential Unit installed. The modified class saw the world’s top R/C drivers race with their latest equipment and TRF drivers Jilles Groskamp, Victor Wilck, and Marc Rheinard took 2nd, 4th, and 6th place overall finishes respectively to demonstrate the high performance of the latest-spec TRF417. Thanks to the results from the 2011 TITC, Tamiya is now offering the TRF417 chassis kit which conveniently includes this newly designed TRF417 Gear Differential Unit II (Also available separately as an Option Part).

About the Item
• Aside from the newly added Gear Differential Unit, chassis is unchanged from Item 42184.
• TRF417 Chassis Kit x 1 set (ball differentials included)
• TRF417 Gear Differential Unit II x 1pc.

New TRF Products @ Shizuoka 2011

While the exiting new car releases scheduled for Shizuoka get most of the attention there are many interesting new TRF Product Series releases as well worth mentioning.

TRF Series

42198 Buggy HL Aeration Damper Set

This damper set is an improved version of Item 54028 Buggy Aeration Oil Filled Damper Set. The normal cylinders are replaced with HL (High Lubrication) cylinders which offer extremely smooth, progressive damper movement.

Set Contents
HL Cylinder (Front & Rear) x 2pcs. each
Spring Adjuster x 4pcs.
V & X Parts x 2pcs.
Rod Guide
Titanium-Coated Piston Rod (Front & Rear) x 2pcs. each
Coil Spring (Front & Rear) x 2pcs. each
Piston (Front & Rear) x 2pcs. each

• Compatible with DN-01, TRF201, DB01, TRF502X, TRF501X, TRF511, DF-03, DF-02, and DT-02 chassis machines.

42197 TRF417 Gear Differential Unit II

The use of a gear differential unit is becoming a major trend at R/C touring car races around the world. This Gear Differential Unit uses oils with different viscosity for adjustment, which results in optimum power transmission from the high-power brushless motors as well as improved traction and acceleration. The unit is fully enclosed and the built-in gears are less likely to wear out compared with ball differentials.

About the Item
• TRF417 Gear Differential Unit II x 1pc.
• Aluminum Diff Cup Joint (exclusive to this item) x 2pcs.
• Bevel Gear 12T/20T (Item 42185 TRF417 Gear Differential Unit includes bevel gears with 10T/20T).
• Compatible with TRF417, TA05 ver. II, and TA05-IFS R (with 37T pulley) chassis machines.

Related Item
Item 54294 Silicone Diff. Oil #100000

42196 1280 Ball Bearing (Fluorine Coated)(2pcs.)

42195 1060 Ball Bearing (Fluorine Coated)(2pcs.)

These competition-use fluorine sealed ball bearings will minimize friction-loss to provide extremely smooth rotation.

About the Item
• Each set comes with a TRF sticker sheet (small).
• Item 42195 1060 Ball Bearings are for use on the rear drive shaft of the F104, F104W, and F103 chassis.
• Item 42196 1280 Ball Bearings are for use in the diff. housing of the F104, F104W, and F103 chassis.

42194 3/32 Inch Ceramic Differential Ball (12pcs.)

These ceramic diff balls for are more durable than the standard steel balls and help lengthen the life of the ball differential.

About the Item
• Ceramic Ball x 12pcs.
• Compatible with TRF201, TRF502X, FF-03, and FF-03PRO chassis machines.

42193 Tungsten Thrust Bearing Ball (8pcs.)

These tungsten balls for Item 42171 620 HC Thrust Bearing are more durable than the standard steel balls and help lengthen the life of the thrust bearing.

About the Item
• Tungsten Ball x 8pcs.
• Compatible with TRF416, TRF416WE, TRF416X, TRF417, TRF201, TRF511, and TRF502X chassis machines.

Related Item
Item 42130 VG Thrust Bearing Grease

Tamiya Shizuoka Hobby Show 2011 Releases

Now available in English:

TRF Products:
[TRF] TRF Damper Large Diameter Retainer (4pcs.)
[TRF] TRF417 Gear Differential Unit II
[TRF] Tungsten Thrust Bearing Ball (8pcs.)
[TRF] 3/32 Inch Ceramic Differential Ball (12pcs.)
[TRF] Buggy HL Aeration Damper Set

58492 TA06 PRO Chassis Kit

The latest addition to Tamiya’s on-road R/C touring car chassis line-up is the TA06 PRO, which was created with input from the world championship-winning TRF team. This 4WD chassis features a totally new layout with excellent balance. The motor and battery are mounted along the centerline of the chassis with R/C units positioned on either side. DUAL-DRIVE SYSTEM features belt-driven front and gear-driven rear wheels and offers sharp throttle response and improved acceleration. The battery pack can be replaced from the underside of the chassis for added convenience. The refined Inboard Front Suspension (IFS) setup can also be changed to a standard outboard setup thanks to the kit-included damper stay parts. Front and rear gearboxes are equiped with newly-designed gear diff units to efficiently transmit motor power and offer superb traction and acceleration.

TA06 PRO Features

TRF Special Dampers (Hard Black Coating)
Universal Drive Shafts
Low-Friction Drive Belts (174mm, 453mm)
Aluminum Motor Plate
Aluminum Turnbuckle Shafts (Blue)
Aluminum Ball Connectors (Blue)
Hi-Torque Servo Saver (Black)
TA05 Aluminum Spur Holder

Body, wheels, tires, motor and R/C units sold separately.
Compatible with TA05 and TA06 bodies such as Item 51447 1/10 R/C Weider HSV-010 Body Parts Set.

The chassis features a symmetrical layout where the motor and battery are mounted along the centerline of the chassis. Dual-Drive system features belt-driven front and gear-driven rear wheels.

The motor is installed at the mid-rear position which helps improve traction for the rear wheels. Comes equipped with aluminum motor plate and aluminum spur gear holder.

The refined Inboard Front Suspension (IFS) setup features front dampers in a longitudial position. Standard outboard suspension setup is also possible with kit-included damper stay parts.

The battery pack can be replaced from the underside of the chassis by removing the battery cover. Narrow chassis offers a greater roll movement range during cornering.

Related Option Parts

• Item 54302 TA06 Center One-Way Pulley Set (18T)
• Item 54303 TA06 Front One-Way Set (39T)
• Item 54304 TA06 Front Direct Coupling (39T)
• Item 54305 TA06 Front Ball Differential Set (39T)
• Item 54306 TA06 Rear Ball Differential Set (52T)
• Item 54307 TA06 Titanium Screw Set
• Item 54311 TA06 TA06 Cross Shaft For Gear Differential Unit (Tentative)