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RC World – Satoshi Maezumi TA06 PRO Build Tips

Excellent article as always in RC World magazine.


42197 TRF Gear Differential Unit II

Very happy with the TRF Gear Diff II so far. Well designed, high quality and very light.

Second Asphalt National Round 2011

The second summer round of the FinTrack Finnish Championship series took place in Laukaa on a small track in very warm conditions on Saturday June 11th.

To make conditions even trickier the warm early summer period had ensured the track was covered in pollen as well, and to make things even worse (for me) there was no pro-stock class so I would have to run mod, without preparation and testing…

Sure enough, the start of the day was catastrophic… On new tyres in first qualifying the car was decent, as you would excpect, but my driving was not. As always when not having run mod for a long time you need a few runs to get used to it. Most were struggling on old tyres though, and maybe the TRF417’s more than some. So I made it my mission for the day to get the car to work on old tyres and skipping the chance to run 2 new sets.

Finally, when the day was over, I had won the B-final but more importantly had a car that was really quite good on by then VERY old tyres. And running lap times similar to the winners during the same time of the day, on tyres older than their,s backed up the feeling.

You can see the setup I ended up with below. Not mentioned in the setup sheet is that I removed some screws from the upper deck to get some more flex in the car. Overall I feel the biggest improvements came from that (flex), and running the soft HPI Blue springs. The front gear diff with 500k oil also made it better, as did the long links. But remember that the conditions were fairly unusual.

ETS final Andernach next then, can’t wait!
Just need to get a chance to do some proper testing until then.

Setup will open as PDF when clicked.


More on the Huge R/C FF11 – FF-03 Conversion Kit

Looks very promising, I must say…

Roche – Huge R/C FF-03 Conversion

Looks like Surikarns Huge FF – victorious at the TITC, will be released as a conversion kit for the FF-03. Think this will be too good to miss… 😉

Roche confirmed to distribute the products of HUGE R/C from the former ISTC World Champion Surikarn.We are looking forward the new FF03 convenience kit from HUGE R/C. We schedule the kit will available in stock on end/June. More details about the chassis will upload on Roche website soon.

TA06 PRO Promotion Video English

First Outdoor Nats Setup

The first outdoor round of the Finnish TC championship series was this year at Kuusankoski end of May. There are 3 classes; mod, pro stock and stock. I always run pro stock but for some stupid reason this most popular class worldwide always see few entries during the summer season. Hence this race was more seen as a testsession as there was no proper competition in this class.

The GM 10.5T motor is the spec motor and for this year Schumacher Sorex 32’s as tyres.

Since I already went testing at the track earlier I had a good base setup ( ) and with Friday evening offering great testing conditions I could further improve the setup. Unfortunately race day started wet and with another shower just as it had dried up the conditions proved no good for further improving the setup.

I did find one or two improvements on the Friday though. See setup below for more. The major improvement was moving the rear damper in 1 hole on the damper stay. This is something I have usually never liked but on the 417, the improvement was dramatic giving a very secure rear end with good corner speed.

Next weekend it’s already time for the next round. For this round I will enter modified.

Click picture for PDF

Latest TRF Products

A couple of new releases in the TRF product line.

42201 Glass Tape (15mm x 50m) Blue
– available July 16th

42199 Off-road Car Height Gauge
– available July 16th

Also now on the Tamiya Japan site, the new release 42200 TRF417 with Gear Diff Unit II included gets its own page:

Marc’s 417 @ Reedy 2011

Another picture of Marc’s Reedy race 417 with front gear diff and split suspension blocks thanks to: