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TRF417X-2012 ver.

Translated text!

Latest modifier for the fifth time the world championship in 2012 – TRF417X-2012 ver.

TRF is a four-time World’s largest victory Champion Team

TQ & European Touring Car Championship victory in 2011 the final prototype!
– In the European Touring Car Championship was held in the suburbs of Vienna, Austria, August 11-14 day Rheinard top qualifying mark with a final prototype, decided to win the final race in the rock-solid!

TRF417 debut last December with the lingering wake of the victory against the world Yaranai IFMAR. This year, each driver first half of 2011 Feedback from focus, know-how. ReedyRace May and has been fixed in the direction of the setting, ETS (EuroTouringSeries) TRF of 4.5, against June and July (Tamiya Racing Factory) Makurai Ace Driver Barrage has been on a rising note the good results including winning the diisocyanate. The new version of the game for 2012 and “TRF417” and then released. Motor and the battery position, including the basic layout with the same steering. Also, change the shape of the Roadekki significant “flexibility” to pursue. Aimed more tire-friendly machine. In addition, further In the suspension had become necessary to fine setting, the connection stays active damper-type (continuous) and the Hall For, allowing the damper set at an intermediate angle. Sizes up to 3.5mm thick can also be thick. Check the rigidity and integrated Changes to the split type motor mount assembly was held, with the setting item is also added to adjust rigidity, motor mounting Widen the hole by changing the gear ratio selection, to complement a hobby, such as youth and low-speed boost from the non-world championship level We shall obtain. Other large metal combined weight of gravity as the battery mount and the short king Adopted a new type neck, which has evolved into something more sophisticated answer to the demands from the driver.

Performance mostly at low speed traction Aiming to cut significantly changed the shape of Roadekki. Upper Deck has a connecting portion Reduced flexibility up. (Conventional type can also be used by road conditions)

Motor mount assembly unit was split into new expressions. And road-like category According to circumstances, selection can be left unbound motor mount. Also high A view to using the gear ratios have, we changed the motor mounting holes.

Konekutibuta articulated the shock stays and Independence Hall has been so far Changes to the type. Corresponds to a fine setting. Saizua to 3.5mm thick To achieve accurate operation without input from the road surface to bend and steps.

TRF Series No.105 Item No: 42205 TRF417X-2012ver. [Provisional]
JAN: 4950344422050
Release Date Mon 12 ships scheduled over
79,800 yen


Tamiya New Releases – Better Pictures

TRF417-2012Ver -> TRF417X

As expected the production name of the TRF417-2012Ver. will be TRF417X.

42205 TRF417X Chassis Kit

42205 TRF417 2012

A bit more info in this translated text:

Modifier for the latest world championship for the fifth time in 2012

Motor and the battery position, including basic layout and steering wheel while the same change significantly the shape of the lower deck to pursue “flexibility”. Aimed more tire-friendly machine. In addition, the suspension has become more precise setting is required, the connection stays active damper-type, adopted the (continuous)holes. It enables the damper set at an intermediate angle. Sizes up to 3.5mm thick can also be thick.

Changes to the split type motor mount assembly was integrated in rigidity and also to adjust settings with the addition of rigid items, but with greater motor mounting holes by changing the gear ratio selection, and low-level non-boost from the World Championships We shall use the hobby and speed up to compensate.

Other large metal combined weight of gravity and the battery mount, the new king has adopted a short neck type, which has evolved into something more sophisticated answer to the demands from the driver.

Scirocco, Ferrari 599XX & Audi R8 Pictures

TRF417-2012Ver. + more Tamiya new releases

To be displayed at the All Japan Plamodel Hobby Show 2012 (October 13-16).

42205 TRF417-2012Ver. Chassis Kit – Tamiya Release Date : Dec

84255 TA05 M-Four Chassis Kit (Limited) Tamiya Release Date : Dec
58509 Toyota Tom’s 84C 1/12 RC – Tamiya Release Date : Dec
58508 VW Scirocco GT24-CNG (TT-01 Chassis Type-E) Tamiya Release Date : Dec
58506 Ferrari 599XX (TA06 Chassis) Tamiya Release Date : Nov
58505 VW Scirocco GT24-CNG (FF-03 Chassis) Tamiya Release Date : Nov
58504 Audi R8 LMS 24 Hours Nurburgring (TT-01 Type-E) Tamiya Release Date : Nov

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42205 TRF417-2012Ver.
translated text beware πŸ™‚

● significantly change the shape of lower deck, “flexibility” is the latest pursuit TRF417 of Modifier.
● Shock Stay up to the size 3.5mm thick damper is now possible to adopt a set of angles in the middle of a continuous hole.
● The motor mounts will allow the adjustment to changes in the split type rigid assembly, you can now also a wide selection of gear ratio changes to suit the motor mounting holes.
● M top qualifying with a prototype liner at the final European Touring Car Championship was held in August, decided to win in the final race of rock-solid.

TA05 M-Four
translated text beware πŸ™‚
● “TA05” a combination of 380 motor / LF1100 and drivetrain, chassis, wheel base is realized 4WD 210mm.
● The carbon double deck kit, front and rear bulkhead of Giyadefu YAO5 37T pulley For M-Chassis Suspension, universal shafts, equipped with aluminum dampers HG.
● “M Chassis imposed 4WD”, rather than chassis design freedom due to increased space-saving, weight reduction and sense of speed and reasonable power source for the unique combination of Tamiya. Provides a fun new RC.

Toyota Tom’s 84C 1/12
translated text beware πŸ™‚
● 1 / 12 Tamiya traditional categories of “Racing Master” is revived in the new chassis.
● Power source is “380 motor & LF1100 Battery” in combination, are set to enjoy a good sense of speed.
● The rear of the main chassis is pitching the gear case FRP2.5mm thick plastic height adjustment, with a rolling two dampers, front suspension with King adopted the trail.
● This new combination of chassis, body Toyota Tom’s 84C.
● One big attraction is the scale not just finish running feeling.

Picture source:

More Tamiya releases with part numbers from

42205 1/10 TRF417-2012 Version
51470 Gear Diff Unit Maintenance Parts Set
51472 DB01 Gear Diff Unit Joint Cup
54321 TA06 Carbon Reinforced A-Parts (Bulkhead)
54322 TA06 Carbon Reinforced J-Parts (Damper Stay)
54323 TA06 Carbon Reinforced T-Parts (Gear Case)
54324 TA06 Carbon Damper Stay (Front)
54235 TA06 Carbon Damper Stay (Rear)
54326 M-06 Rear Carbon Damper Stay
54327 M-05/M-06 Aluminum Rear Upright (1 Degree)
54329 DB01 Gear Diff Unit
54330 F104 Carbon Reinforcement C-Parts (Gear Case)
54331 F104X1 Upper Deck Rolling Damper Set
54332 F104 Counterweight
56327 1/14 MAN TGX 18.540 4Γ—2 XLX
56328 1/14 MAN TGX 18.540 4Γ—2 XLX Full Operation Kit
56516 Trailer Marks 40 Feet Container
56517 Matt Chrome Front Wheels (22mm European Type)
56518 Matt Chrome Rear Wheels (22mm Double Tire)
57818 XB Ford Bronco 1973 (CC-01 Chassis)
57820 XB Honda Ballade Sports Mugen CR-X PRO (M-05)
57821 XB Audi R8LMS (TT-01 Type-E)
58503 Honda Ballade Sports Mugen CR-X PRO (M-05 Chassis)
58504 Audi R8LMS (TT-01 Type-E)
58505 VW Scirocco GT24-CNG (FF-03)
58506 Ferrari 599XX (TA06)
58508 VW Scirocco GT24-CNG (TT-01 Type-E)
58509 1/12 Toyota TOMΒ’S 84C
84237 Subaru Brat Metallic Special
84255 1/10 TA05 M-Four Chassis Kit
84256 Avante (2011) Racing Steering Set
84257 Avante 2011 Ball Diff Torque Splitter Set
84258 Fast Attack Vehicle 2011 Aluminum Damper Set

TRF417 at All Japan Nationals

The 2011 JMRCA All Japan Touring Car Championship is taking place from September 2nd to 4th at the Wangan Circuit in Okayama Prefecture. TRF drivers Satoshi Maezumi and Takayuki Kono are entering the Super Expert Class with the latest-spec TRF417, which was driven by Marc Rheinard to victory at the 2011 EFRA Electric Touring Car European Championships last month. Satoshi and Takayuki recorded good lap times during the final practice session and have a favorable outlook for the race.

Huge FF11

Received my conversion kit last week.
Will hopefully run it in the next few days.
Will post more pictures later.

Latest TRF417 Setups

Below Kiyo’s setup from Japan and Marc’s Euros winning TRF417 setup.