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More Official Tamiya TRF417X Photos


TRF417X Box Art

TRF417X Setup Sheet

TRF417X Setup Sheet

TRF417X Parts Listing

TRF417X Parts List from manual.

Tamiya TA05 M-Four – Maezumi Style

Satoshi Maezumi’s TA05 M-Four from the latest RC World magazine.

Copyright RC World

58507 Tamiya Leonis – DB02

Tamiya is proud to release the 1/10 R/C off-road buggy Leonis on the newly-designed DB02 chassis.

The wellbalanced machine was developed based on input from the TRF team and has an orthodox layout featuring a durable wide bathtub chassis, shaft-driven 4WD setup, and 4-wheel double wishbone suspension. The Leonis features a distinctive body shell which was designed by famous Toyota racing team and tuner, TOM’S.

About the Model
– This is a 1/10 scale R/C assembly kit.
– Polycarbonate body is designed by TOM’S designers.
– Polycarbonate rear wing is also included.
– Shaft-driven 4WD setup with the motor positioned horizontally at the center of the chassis to provide
optimum power transmission as well as stability and balance.
– Durable batutub chassis is combined with front & rear upper braces to provide superb chassis rigidity.
– Front & rear compact gearboxes are equipped with ball differentials.
– Proven 4-wheel double wishbone suspension from the DB01 is equipped with CVA shock units.
– Front & rear Dual Block Tires and dish wheels included.
– Compatible with straight-type battery packs such as Item 55111 Tamiya LF3700-6.6V Racing Pack.
– Motor is positioned horizontally at the center of the chassis. Center spur gear is connected with propeller shafts to enable optimized power transmission.
– 3-piece steering linkage provides precise, sharp steering response. Upper brace provides stiffening against chassis pitch.
– The suspension arms and axles are the same as those used on the DB01. Front and rear gearboxes are equipped with ball differentials.
– Battery pack is positioned at the rear. Combined with center motor position, this layout offers excellent stability during jumps.

TRF417X Build Coming

Too busy to start building today but will post as I build later in the week.

TRF417X Arrived

Tamiya DB02 @ Tamiya Fair 2011 – Pictures

58507 Tamiya DB02

Tamiya Fair this weekend where we should see some more of the DB02.

Here you’ll find the official list (in Japanese) of what will be announced at Tamiya Fair 2011:

Here’s another version of what we have already seen: