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TRF417X Maezumi Style

From RC World magazine 4/2012.



Just a quick note since I just noticed we have gone past the 400.000 visit mark during the last week.

Funny how this little private project have been visited that many times. Just wish I had more time to devote to it. But glad if some of you find something interesting here every now and then 🙂

Tamiya New Releases April

Not much of interest in the Tamiya new releases for April.

42222 Lightweight counter gear parts [TRF] FF03 (20T)
Release Date: April 21

However, it will be interesting to see what Shizuoka in May will bring…

TITC2012 TRF Race Report translated

TITC2012 TRF race/lace report (03.05)

TITC which is held with RC ADDICT which is in tie Bangkok from marc and Jilles (tie international [tsuringuka] championship) it is the participation report.

This time we deliver with dialogism of mark and [jiresu]…

Marc: Me and, the Thomas of Victor, and the friend (=Thomas Pumpler) and also it arrives at Bangkok on the 13th. In order many tests and to travel, it made the timing which is quicker than the normality. Furthermore with [jiresu] which has lived in Bangkok starting setting from 14 days.

First setting of [jiresu] base. It modified the piston, the setup which centers the operation with heavy oil, functioning it had done in the direction where that is good.

Jilles: Being very important from about 2 weeks before the race/lace, the result of handling many test items, the machine was finished to be good very.

Attention point

Twisted [giyadehuoiru] [danpaoiru] [kiyanbasetsuteingu] [riyato] angle of chassis
Chassis: As for machine balance from medium matching to high grip.
Diff. oil: Using the #2000 oil which is harder than the normality. Rear traction and [akusereshiyon] improve.
Damper oil: You bored the hole from the piston of standard, operated with a harder oil. Hole diameter 1.2mm, as for oil 1500-1800th.
Camber: Considerably it was important. 1 times than the normality decreasing, you use.
[riyato] angle: Usual 1XA-1E (3 times) from 1XA-1C (2 times) to it modifies rear toe angle, achieving smooth cornering.

In addition, adjusting to the high traction road surface, several you finished adjustment finely and challenged to race/lace e.g., you use the shim of the gear diff. more than the normality.

Marc: On the 23rd 2 control practices. On the 24th the preliminary round of 3 times, with the schedule where also 25 days nominate 3 times, 6 total the deciding grid is decided with the inside best 3 round of the preliminary round which is.

During preliminary round 2nd travelling, discovering the trouble of the tire. High temperature, mold inner of the tire tearing the high-speed travelling time, it was the trouble which becomes travelling impossible. When, this way race/lace is difficult the organizer judges, that way, modifying mold inner and the wheel, continuing the tire race/lace. Because of that 3 round eye became the new tire, ‘became the control practice’ in order to be accustomed to the tire. And it becomes 3 preliminary rounds of the next day. Unless there is a problem concerning the new tire from most drivers, it is comment.

Preliminary round of the next day, team TRF and [tamiya] became to send 5 TRF417X to A main, became the truly good preliminary round result.

Preliminary round result

2 rank [jiresu] (TRF), 4 rank me (mark TRF), 5 rank plain gauze bit (local tie), 7 rank Victor (TRF), 10 rank Thomas ()

It directed to decision and glued the tire for decision, preliminary round was gluing end, but decision had become the tire which glue by your.

After a main 1st round ending, that efficiency of the tire is not the same, although you felt and it set modified, like of the time before although it did not become with the good movement, I finished race/lace at comprehensive 4 rank, 2 rank [jirusu], 5 rank Victor, 6 rank plain gauze bit, as 7 rank Thomas and a team was good, it could not win in race/lace.

[jiresu]: Race/lace was difficult with the condition and the tire condition for differing frequently. And it could not arrive to best setup.

Mark: ETS 3rd game after this, it faces to Spanish [gurankanaria]. In order to be able to win, we would like to keep arranging the condition.


To be released March 17th.
Thanks to Ed Clark for the picture.