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Tamiya RC Now Live

A few screenshots of the new cars from the Tamiya RC Now show.


Shizuoka Release List English

No more translated stuff! ๐Ÿ™‚

New Releases:

1/10 R/C XV-01 PRO Chassis Kit
1/10 R/C Subaru Impreza WRX STi Team Arai (XV-01)
1/10 R/C Toyota 86 (TT-01E)
1/10 R/C Toyota 86 (TA06)
1/10 R/C Suzuki Jimny (SJ30) Wheelie
1/10 R/C F104 ver.II PRO Chassis Kit
1/10 R/C Bullhead
XB Street Rover (DT-02)
1/10 R/C FF-03R Chassis Kit (Limited Edition)
1/10 R/C TA05-VDF II Drift Chassis Kit
(Limited Edition)
FF-03R Titanium Screw Set (Limited Edition)
XV-01 Titanium Screw Set (Limited Edition)
TA05-VDF II Titanium Screw Set (Limited Edition)
Front Upgrade Set for Drift Chassis (Limited Edition)
TRF201 Cooling Pressure Plate
[OP] RS-540 Torque-Tuned Motor
[OP] M-06 Front Carbon Damper Stay (for TRF Dampers)
[OP] M-06 Rear Carbon Damper Stay (for TRF Dampers)
[OP] RM-01 Carbon Lower Deck
[OP] RM-01 Carbon Lower Brace
[OP] FF-03 Aluminum Counter Gear Shaft
[OP] TA06 IFS Aluminum Rocker Arm Bridge
[OP] Aluminum Horn for Hi-Torque Servo Saver
[OP] TA06 Rear Direct Coupling (52T)
[OP] TA06 Aluminum Rear Stiffeners
[OP] RM-01 Carbon Motor Mount Rear Plate Set
[OP] XV-01 Separate Suspension Mounts (1XJ)
[OP] XV-01 Separate Suspension Mounts (1XM)
[OP] XV-01 Slipper Clutch Set
[OP] XV-01 Aluminum Suspension Mount (XJ)
[TRF] Drive Shaft for 46mm Double Cardan Joint Shaft (2pcs.)
Electronic Speed Controller TEU-106BK
[OP] DB01 Carbon Damper Stay (Front)
[OP] DB01 Carbon Damper Stay (Rear)
[OP] UGT-Tuned Motor (24T)
[OP] FL-Tuned Motor (30T)
[OP] Type 380 Sport-Tuned Motor
[OP] Assembly Universal Shaft (WR-02) (Tentative)
[OP] TA06 Chassis Ballast Weight
[OP] DB02 Aluminum Steering Bridge
[OP] DB02 Aluminum Motor Mount
[OP] DB02 Aluminum Universal Propeller Shaft
[OP] Adapters for TRF201 Aluminum Uprights
[OP] DB02 Carbon Rear Stiffeners (2pcs.)

More Tamiya Shizuoka 2012

More translated text (as ever), now from Tamiya Japan.

TA05-VDFII Chassis Kit
Evolved into a more aggressive “TA05-VDF” was Todorokase its name as a high-end machine drift. A completely new layout called motor mounted on the upper frame to carbon mono + 3 belt lower deck of the new shape. To emphasize the characteristics and role flexibility, success in stage Almighty can be expected.

XV-01 PRO Chassis Kit
Larry enjoyed chassis in various places, such as off-road parking and front motor + employs a belt drive of a complete new design. Is a multi-purpose machine, such as suspension only widen in the dirt covered some with improved chassis structure and excellent dust resistance, the possibility of touring car!

F104 ver.II PRO Chassis Kit
Up version “F104” popular! In high-dimensional Settigu is now possible to get adopted in the “RM-01” a “link rear suspension pivot ball. In addition to new parts of the lower and upper deck, such as carbon, standard OP various parts. The contents of the rich also say nearly a full model change.

Tamiya F104 v.II & XV-01 Subaru Pictures

More Pictures of Tamiya Shizuoka Relases

Tamiya XV-01

Tamiya TA05-VDF2

New parts

Thanks to Carol for the tips and for the pics.

84294 Tamiya TA05-VDF2 Picture

More Shizuoka Releases

57833 XB Street Rover
57838 XB Super Fighter GR (DT-02)
58525 Wild One Offroader
58528 Impreza 08 Arai (XV-01)
58530 Toyota 86 (TA06)
58531 Suzuki Jimny (SJ30) Wheelie (WR-02)
58535 Bullhead (2012)
58536 Super Fighter GR (Violet Racer)

42230 TRF Drive Shaft for W Cardan Joint (46-Size)
54361 M-06 Carbon Damper Stay (Front) for TRF Damper
54362 M-06 Carbon Damper Stay (Rear) for TRF Damper
54368 FF-03 Aluminum Counter Gear Shaft
54369 Aluminum Horn for High Torque Servo Saver (RM-01)
54370 TA06 IFS Aluminum Strut Tower Bar
54372 TA06 Direct Coupling (52T)
54373 TA06 Aluminum Rear Stiffener
54375 RM-01 Carbon Rear Bulk Plate
54376 XV-01 Separate Suspension Mount (XJ)
54377 XV-01 Separate Suspension Mount (XM)
54378 XV-01 Slipper Clutch Set
54379 XV-01 Aluminum Suspension Mount (XJ)
54385 DB01 Carbon Damper Stay (Front)
54386 DB01 Carbon Damper Stay (Rear)
54391 UGT Torque-Tuned Motor (24T)
54392 FL Tuned Motor (30T)
54393 380 Sports-Tuned Motor
54394 WR-02 Universal Shaft Set
54401 TA06 Balance Weight
54403 DB02 Aluminum Motor Mount
54404 DB02 Universal Propeller Shaft Set
54405 TRF201 Adapter for Aluminum Rear Upright
54407 DB02 Carbon battery Stiffener

84291 XV-01 Titanium Screw Set
84295 TA05-VDFII Titanium Screw Set
84296 Drift Spec Suspension Set
84297 Cooling Pressure Plate

Tamiya Shizuoka 2012 Releases

Beware, lots of translated text here!

Tamiya TA05-VDF2

Please look forward to an aggressive chassis design gives a surprise to what you see! !
Evolved into a more aggressive “TA05-VDF” was Todorokase its name as a high-end machine drift.
Lower Deck 2.5mm carbon chassis in order to generate a proactive role, became the new shape is bold without meat cutting,
We design and configuration and the pursuit of flexibility, such as the upper frame is single and over.
New design that emphasizes the role aluminum motor mount is also located in the front mid further.
Was also involved in making and look to more than VDF, such as adding a center belt was also down to spar Rowadekki position is also fixed with two screws.
Steering system is also of course play an important role while up the angle adjustment, as can also be changed to correspond to grip Ackerman,
Success in stage Almighty can be expected.

Rear suspension is a combination drive system
most prone to drift before the ball diff, and later direct.
37T drive ratio changes before and after, the center 18T.
Knapp chain suspension is also possible to their liking in the wide range of parts along with the equipment of enhancement OP Ribasasu short, TRF damper shaft and universal, such as aluminum turn buckle also.

And feeling more natural drift in the review of part
link steering unit, steering wiper made โ€‹โ€‹of aluminum.
It is also possible to grip part of the specification and Ackerman link by recombinant also.

The motor mount
Aluminum motor mount has undergone a big change from VDF.
You try to bring down three belt with spur that was on the motor position, you place the center belt.
Please see the mosquito single upper frame, and mount two stop this, a thorough commitment to the chassis roll.

Tamiya XV-01 PRO Chassis Kit

Off-road and parking, a multi-purpose chassis rally appeared.
Adopted the suspension only increase the dust covered some excellent chassis structure, in the dirt.
Driven layout is put on the front overhang and weight of the motor is belt drive, run a certain sense of stability even realize.The PRO chassis kit was equipped with a standard OP enhance TRF damper parts, such as a belt drive shaft universal and improved, the quality of the ride.

Finished in compact gear box while keeping the front motor
split into upper and lower motor is adopted considering the maintainability of the gear. OP was prepared as off-road parts to the road surface changes from moment to moment is essential, a slipper clutch also.

Radio box (chassis)
Dust-proof radio box that are friendly to the most anxious in the off-road riding.
Also equipped with four-wheel inner fender, each hatch is screwed.
The space is also equipped with ESC-like duct removable cover, we have also taken into account design and exhaust heat.

The battery is the battery access hatch
chassis from the bottom.
As an internal structure with a packing cover, radio box and leads, in the hatch has also been completed at the connector connection.

Adopt a long steering tie rod steering
proven in touring car.
Structure difficult to lock the discharge port is provided, such as pebbles at the bottom of the chassis.
Only type suitable for off-road riding with improved suspension arms also covered some also.

Rear suspension rear suspension geometry was adopted
Stroke in addition to securing a higher ride height in mind off-road riding, you can quickly adjust the toe angle as well as another body in the suspension mounts.

Part XV-01 PRO Chassis Kit as standard
TRF damper
Universal 4-wheel shaft
Full Ball Bearings
Enhanced belt drive
Aluminum Turnbuckle (Blue)

Tamiya F104 ver.II

“F104ver.II” produce the running of high-dimensional link-type rear suspension
Please look forward to a new F104 chassis has undergone a transformation of degree can be said that nearly a full model change! !

F104 chassis is even better.
Obtained was adopted in the RM-01 chassis “(= PBLR) link rear suspension pivot ball”, in the high-dimensional setting is possible.
Mainframe and connect the rear section is pivot ball, spring roll and by the link bar on both sides, control,
Equipped with a rolling and pitching damper damper also.
Rowadekki become a new shape by adopting PBLR Center also serves as 3mm thick carbon upper deck, the damper mount integrated mechanical space,
By mounting plate made of carbon as well as body, plays a lighter weight and rigidity.
Also details such as brush up over the wall thickness of the ball diff housing.
In addition, practice kit with built-in OP various parts beginning with the RM-01 aluminum rolling / pitching F104 aluminum suspension mounts and dampers.

And pitching / rolling around the rear damper, rear side link section method was adopted.
Fit over the wall thickness of aluminum diff joint, and the adoption of the TRF417 Diff plate, enhancing effect more def.

Center upper deck
Center for 2mm thick carbon upper deck (also for TRF damper) will contribute to the reliable operation equipped with an aluminum damper mount
As part of a hole-shaped notched screws, the battery can be removed easily.

Appearance changed significantly by the adoption pivot ball from under the chassis
Battery that is mounted vertically fixed by the glass to stop the tape in two places.
Has also become possible with such LF3700.

Optional parts as standard equipment
SP.1000 High Torque Servo Saver (Black)
Ball Diff Plate SP.1442 TRF417
OP.1154 F103 carbon reinforced front upright
Aluminum Horn for High Torque Servo Saver OP.1159 (F104)
OP.1161 F104 Suspension Low Friction Ball Set
OP.1202 F104 aluminum upper suspension mount
OP.1240 F104 wheel clamp stopper
OP.1341 RM-01 Aluminum Damper Set pitching
OP.1342 RM-01 Aluminum Damper Set Roll
3 ร— 35mm Aluminum Turnbuckle Shaft
5 ร— 5mm fluorine pillow-ball court
5 ร— 8mm fluorine pillow-ball court
Pillow-ball nut 5mm Court fluorine
Strengthening 5mm Adjuster
Spare wheel F104 (Silver)

New parts
3mm thick carbon lower deck
Short front 2mm thick carbon upper deck
Carbon upper deck center thickness 2mm (damper mount plate)
3mm thick carbon body mount plate
F104Ver.II aluminum diff housing

+ some of the parts to be shown:

TRF Damper Ball Nut
FF-03 Alu Counter Gear Shaft
TA06 IFS Alu Rocker Arm Bridge
TA06 Alu Motor Mount Adapter
TA06 R Direct Coupling 52T
TA06 Alu R Stiffeners
DB01 Carbon Damper Stay F
DB01 Carbon Damper Stay R
2.6×27 Ti Suspension Shaft DB01&DB02
3×48.5 Ti Suspension Shaft DB01&DB02
DB02 Reinforced Cup Joint

84288 Tamiya FF-03R

Just announced, the FF-03R to be released late May.

Translated product info:

RC Limited
Item No: 84288
May 26, 2012 Release

โ˜… unique handling characteristics of front-wheel drive FF-03 was more polished chassis of charm, its driving.
โ˜… newly designed gear case with a built-in Giyadefu.
โ˜… In addition, a dedicated battery plate made โ€‹โ€‹of 2mm thick carbon is improved roll stiffness them have the role of the upper deck.
โ˜… rich set of option parts such as aluminum suspension mounts and TRF Special Damper.

42216 Double Cardan Joint Shaft

These latest TRF parts have been lying on my table for a while already but there simply has been no time to have a closer look.

First thing you notice is the funny misprint on the label ๐Ÿ™‚
Other than that I can only say that they build very well with a high quality feel and seem much more durable and precise compared to the aftermarket versions that have been available so far.