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Full Option TRF417 V5 @ Hobby Show

Picture of a team TRF417 V5, with all normal option part fitted, displayed at the All Japan Hobby Show.


84317 TRF Special Damper Works Edition

Tamiya will release a special limited edition TRF Special Damper Works Edition in December. A M-size version for the M-Chassis cars will also be released at the same time. Below some translated info.

84317 TRF Special Damper Works Edition

● first set from high-grade parts such as aluminum cylinder Haishiru X HL damper ring and I will be the cornerstone of the machine settings.

● Part V resin and other standard set (color, retainer), and also comes with “aluminum retainer for OP.595 TRF Damper” for the setting.

● It is the shape of the same size as the hanging box “42102 TRF Special Damper”.

● 84317 is the product, which is based on the “42102 TRF Special Damper Set”.

[The set includes]
● standard “HL Cylinder for 42131 TRF Damper”
● “42214 Haishiru X ring (50 hardness)” standard set four
● Set “added aluminum retainer for 53395 TRF Damper”
● Change soft (white) from the medium the spring

FF-03 Upgrade Set Information

This upgrade set is designed to take the performance of the FF-03 chassis to the next level. The newly designed carbon lower deck features a narrow design with the separate mechanism decks positioned on each side to enable a greater roll movement range during cornering. Refined IFS (Inboard Front Suspension) setup has front dampers positioned longitudinally like the TA06 chassis to achieve better weight distribution and the new long tie-rod steering system provides smooth steering feel. Vertical double frame and aluminum bulkhead stays straddle the battery section to increase overall chassis rigidity and make quick battery replacements possible.

Key Features

Inboard Front Suspension
Refined IFS setup positions the front dampers longitudinally to help shift the weight to chassis center. Stabilizer attachment positions have been lowered.

Carbon Vertical Frame
2.25mm carbon vertical plates are connected with aluminum stays to give the chassis superb rigidity. Battery stopper shaft can be attached/ detached with a snap pin to enable quick battery replacement.

Steering System
The long tie-rod steering system, which is used on the TRF417 and TA06 chassis, has been adopted to provide the smooth, precise steering response necessary for on-road touring cars.

The Following FF-03 parts are required to finish the conversion:
– FF-03 Gearbox (Ball Diff or Gear Diff)
– FF-03 M Parts (Damper Stay, Rear Bulkhead)
– F/R Short Reversible Suspension
– Universal Drive Shafts
– Rear Freewheel Axles
– TRF Dampers
– Hi-Torque Servo Saver
– FF-03 Urethane Bumper
– B Parts (Body Mount), etc.

Set Contents
– 2.25mm Carbon Lower Deck
– 2.25mm Carbon Front Stiffener
– 2.25mm Carbon Vertical Frame
– 2.25mm carbon Mechanism Deck
– Aluminum Bulkhead Stays
– Aluminum Stiffener Stay
– Aluminum Battery Stoppers
– Aluminum Steering Links
– TA06 N Parts

More TRF News @ All Japan Hobby Show

42245 Aluminum Body Mount Adjuster & 42241 Pinion Gear Holder 12

Official Tamiya Photos TRF417 V5

Official Tamiya Photos FF-03 Upgrade

TRF417 V5 @ All Japan Hobby Show

First pictures of 42240 TRF417 V5 Premium Package from Tamiya Live.

First notes:
– split front suspension mount (1 piece rear)
– etched TRF logo on new floating servo mount
– servo mount and motor mount/middle bulk appears to be keyed to the lower deck
– new diff joints and blades (thicker?)
– damper mounting balls appear to have a different coating than the offroad parts used at the Worlds
– new parts are; lower deck, upper deck, motor mount and right layshaft bulkhead, dampers, servo mount, diff joint and blades

Video streaming by Ustream

FF-03 Upgrade @ All Japan Hobby Show

First picture of 84314 FF-03 Upgrade Set parts from Tamiya Live.

Tamiya 2012 All Japan Hobby Show Info

TRF417 V5 (WX) Features

Special features unique to the TRF417WX (TRF417 V5)
• Newly designed carbon fiber upper (2.0mm thick) and lower (2.25mm thick) decks feature refined shapes to provide optimum roll flexibility.
• Newly-designed one-piece aluminum servo mount is secured to the chassis by one side (inner side) only so as to not jeopardize chassis flexibility.
• Newly-designed aeration dampers help maximize traction.
• Front and rear carbon fiber damper stays (3.5mm thick) have redefined damper attachment positions.
• Front direct coupling is equipped with steel cup joints and coupled with Double-Cardan drive shafts to provide efficient, smooth power transfer.
• Rear gear differential features steel diff joints and swing shaft protectors.