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TRF417 V5 Parts List

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TRF417 V5 Setup Sheet

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TRF417 V5 Arrival

Build pictures to follow over the coming week.

TRF417 V5 Full Presentation Japan

Translated Tamiya Japan presentation.

TRF417 V5 Premium Package Chassis Kit

[Premium model to commemorate the world title win for the fifth time]

RC car racing’s best drivers and the top manufacturers in the world to mobilize RC World Championships IFMAR. G. player Gurosukanpu of TRF (Tamiya Racing Factory) won the tournament in 2012 IFMAR · ISTC electric touring car class, which will be held once every two years, as TRF is followed by three consecutive years of pathless 2008,2010 achieved, champion for the fifth time in total. Tamiya is further recognition as a manufacturer, we appeal to the height of the technology. Premium Model World Champion “TRF417” is appearance to commemorate this feat.

[Specification World Champ latest and fastest evolving constantly]

Rowadekki new shape (2.25mm) flat-type aimed at rectifying effect at low speeds in excess of 100 kilometers per hour. Was also a new shape (2mm) upper deck of the form accordingly. In addition to the frame structure of the symmetry design, thoroughly pursuing uniformity of the roll characteristics and the adoption of an integrated aluminum servo mount. In addition, newly developed aeration damper to achieve the supple suspension to maximize the grip of the control tire. We also review the pivot position of thick carbon damper stays around 3.5mm. Drive system and cup double cardan joint metal joint direct coupling +, the rear is equipped with a standard oil-filled Giyadefu of the front. Improves upon every part, I have undergone a change of say about almost Brand New.

Frame structure of the carbon upper deck thickness and 2.0mm thickness 2.25mm-shaped carbon lower deck dedicated to balance the chassis stiffness and roll characteristics.

Aluminum servo mount shape does not interfere with the role of connecting chassis rigidity while ensuring retention of the servo, the servo mounts on both sides.

Equipped with a new aeration damper to produce a progressive damper effect. HL is pre-coated cylinder.

[Main equipment parts]
● 2.25mm Carbon Lower Deck
● 2.0mm Carbon Upper Deck
● Aluminum bulkhead
● Aluminum Steering Arm
● Front / Center: Direct
● Oil-filled gear differential unit: Rear
● Aeration damper
● Short reversible suspension arms
● Universal shaft back and forth (front double cardan type)
● Aluminum Suspension Mount (1B, 1B separate, 1XB, 1D)
● Aluminum wheel hub clamp (thickness 4mm)
● Front and rear stabilizer)
● Aluminum Turnbuckle Shaft
● 3.5mm Carbon Damper Stay
● Full ball bearings

● Chassis Length: (not including the body, etc.) 370mm
● Chassis width 186.5mm
● Wheelbase = 257mm
● Tread 161mm (common front and rear)

Ferrari F2012 (F104) @ Tamiya Fair

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TRF417 V5 Package

First look at the 42240 TRF417 V5 Premium Package Kit box.

TRF417 V5 by Maezumi in RC World

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TRF417 V5 Ad in RC World

My 417 Worlds Uppder Deck Mod

In response to questions about the upper deck mod I had on my car at the Worlds, here are 2 pictures to explain.

The idea was to have the upper deck only attached to the front & rear bulkheads.

To hold the spur gear axle in place I used cut #53932 0.5mm roll centre spacers and the super low profile #51211 3x5mm flat screws. Then just raised the upper deck with 1.5mm spacers.

The cente hole on the roll center spacers together with the slotted opening at either end are perfectly spaced for the holes in the motor mount / right middle bulkhead so you only need to cut off a bit at one end of the roll centre spacer.

TRF417 V5 Premium Package Chassis Kit – Photo

Release date in Japan – December 8.
As ususal, we should see it earlier in Europe.