Monthly Archives: January 2013

XV-01TC Pro Ad

Tamiya Japan ad for the 58558 XV-01TC Pro Chassis Kit.


TRF New Stuff

A bit late on the TRF511 and FF-03 Upgrade Sets but the TRF shirts are fresh! 🙂

TA06 Steel Gear Diffs

Also released in February, TA06 gear diffs now with steel gears inside:

54470 TA06 Steel gear diff unit (Front)
54471 TA06 Steel gear diff unit (rear)

Tamiya Ferrari F2012

Official Tamiya product photo of the F2012 kit, based on the F104 chassis, released March 2nd in Japan.

58559 Ferrari F2012

Forza Ferrari! Forza Fernando!

XV-01TC PRO Chassis Kit

Official Tamiya product photo of the XV-01TC PRO on-road kit, released February 23 in Japan.

58558 XV-01TC PRO Chassis Kit

Excellent RC Racing TV Jilles Interview!

New TRF Part – Alu Body Adjuster

42245 Aluminum Body Adjuster Mount

Active – Blue Stuff

A look at two Active Hobby Products parts I could not resist.

First a proper damper stand.

Secondly this wire clamp to hold the motor wires beautifully! 🙂

TRF Special

Received a really nice gift from Japan!

Tamiya Ferrari F2012