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TITC Modified A-Finals Video

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Interesting HB TCX based FF project from the TITC. Probably a private project car but looks very well made.

TITC 2013 FF A-Final Video

Video from one A-final of my favourite class.

More Cars From TITC 2013

Two pictures here of Atsushi’s winning HB TCXX with some new parts like shorter dampers and towers to go with them as well as a centrally mounted servo mount.

Great to see Atsushi, my number 1 favourite driver in RC, win this competitive race!

Another picture of Satoshi’s TRF417V5.

And another one of one of Marc’s cars…


More TRF Team Cars @ TITC 2013

A couple of interesting pictures from the TITC.

First Jilles TRF417 from a better angle with Yokomo BD7 motor mount (+perhaps layshaft and center pullies?) + different lower & upper deck.

Another picture of (one of) Marc’s cars.

Finally a picture of Jilles FF-03. Jilles qualified second in this class. Surikarn TQ’d with the HUGE FF12.

Upcoming TRF Products

A few interesting new products coming up for us TRF drivers in the next couple of months:

42248 Aluminum Direct Servo Horn Tam/Fut
42249 Aluminum Direct Servo Horn Sanwa/Ko

54479 Separate Suspension Mount Set Spacer 0.5mm x 4
54480 Separate Suspension Mount Set Spacer 1.0mm x 4

Drivers Joining Muchmore

Muchmore delivering news by the hour of World Class racers joining their team of drivers now running the Fleta ESC and the upcoming Fleta ZX motors!

Let’s look at who’s been announced:

– Marc Rheinard (3 x World Champ)
– Naoto Matsukura (3 x World Champ)
– Viktor Wilck
– Satoshi Maezumi
– Charlee Phutiyoshin

All of them now running the Fleta ESC / Fleta ZX combination except Viktor who’s running a Thunder Power motor.

Muchmore on Facebook

Naoto’s Muchmore equipped Yokomo:


Not many good pictures from the TITC race but a few interesting details I picked up from what’s available.

Picture of Marc’s car being prepared by Kiyo. Looks like raised upper deck, probably to clear the motor mount center bulkhead (hey, I recognise that!) and in this picture it also looks like lots of ackermann spacers on the steering bridge.

Secondly on Jilles car what looks like a different lower deck made from different material.

And on this picture of Viktor’s car you can see the different material on both the lower and upper deck, as well as lots of ackermann spacers.

Muchmore on Facebook

Race RC on Facebook

TITC on Facebook

Marc Rheinard on Facebook

More TITC Testing

Pictures of Satoshi Maezumi’s and Marc Rheinard’s Muchmore equipped TRF417 V5’s.

The TITC race takes place towards the end of this week.

Source: Muchmore on Facebook

Muchmore FLETA 4 ESC

A quick look at the Muchmore FLETA 4 ESC, which will be used by Marc Rheinard for the 2013 season.

As usual with Muchmore products it comes beautifully packaged.

Here’s the ESC with the included 30mm low-pro fan mounted. Black steel screws are included but here tuned with Tamiya blue… 🙂

A look at what’s included; all black power wires 12 AWG, all black receiver wires in 2 different lenghts, program card with USB cable, Muchmore logoed power capacitor and the fan. Also included are istructions, shrink wrap, double-sided tape etc.

The Muchmore FLETA 4 ESC is also available in black.

ME-FLK4 FLETA 4.0 Brushless ESC Black (Includes LCD Program Card)
ME-FLB4 FLETA 4.0 Brushless ESC Blue (Includes LCD Program Card)