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Raceberry TRF417 Conversion Kit

The Raceberry TRF417 Conversion Kit is now up for pre-order.

Contact Tonisport if you’re interested:


Viktor Wilck Winning ETS Setup

TITC and ETS Gran Canaria setups posted by Viktor here:

Fernando Alonso Racing H.A.R.M. 1/5 Car

Awesome since it looks to be the same chassis H.A.R.M. SX-3-Clubrace I started racing 5th scale with around 5 years ago. Would love to race him! 🙂

Upcoming TRF Servo Horns

Just a quick picture to show what the TRF servo horns will look like. Release April 27.

42248 Aluminum Direct Servo Horn Tam/Fut
42249 Aluminum Direct Servo Horn Sanwa/Ko

Viktor Wilck WIns ETS Round 3 With TRF417

A great win this weekend. Happy for Viktor.

The car used has a fair few modifications from a standard TRF417 V5.
New parts to be expected according to the Red RC race coverage.

More here:

More TITC Videos

TITC FF Class A-final 1. My favourite class by far, wish it was a feature of the ETS…

More videos here: