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84354 FF03 Chassis Kit – Carbon Double Deck

No more info on this so far…

84354 FF03 Chassis Kit – Carbon Double Deck

This limited edition release of the front-motor, front wheel drive FF-03 chassis has been tweaked further for ultimate Front-wheel-drive performance. The vertical frame has been removed from the newly-designed 2.5mm carbon frame, while a 2.0mm-thick upper deck has been added.

2.5mm Carbon Lower Deck 2.0mm Carbon Upper Deck 3.0mm Carbon Rear Damper Stay Aluminum Rear Bulkhead Aluminum Rear Upper Arm Mount Aluminum Front Damper Mount Aluminum Steering Mount

•Scale : 1/10
•Construction type : assembly kit
•Terrain use : on-road
•Drive-train : 2WD FWD
•Drive type : gearbox
•Drive line : universal
•Differential type : gear
•Suspension : fully independent double wishbone
•Steering mechanism : bell-crank
•Shock damper : oil-filled damper
•Shock damper material : aluminum
•Tire type : not included
•Tire tread : n/a
•Body material : not included
•Chassis material : carbon fiber plate
•Electronic Speed Control (ESC) : not included
•ESC model : n/a
•LED Light buckets : no
•LED lights : no
•Motor : not included
•Bearings : shielded ball bearing
•Adjustable camber : yes
•Adjustable toe angles : front and rear
•Adjustable ground clearance : yes
•Adjustable gear ratio : yes
•Adjustable wheelbase : fixed
•Adjustable track width : yes
•Adjustable shock angle : yes
•Special feature 1 : 2.5mm Carbon Lower Deck
•Special feature 2 : Aluminum Rear Bulkhead
•Special feature 3 : Aluminum Steering Mount
•Special feature 4 : 2.0mm Carbon Upper Deck
•Special feature 5 : Aluminum Rear Upper Arm Mount
•Special feature 6 : 3.0mm Carbon Rear Damper Stay
•Special feature 7 : Aluminum Front Damper Mount
•Special feature 8 : Includes TRF Dampers
•Special feature 9 : Double cardan drive shafts and front gear differential fitted as standard
•Special feature 10 : Note: For use with the Long wheelbase setting only
•Requires A : 2-channel radio gear
•Requires B : 7.2 battery & charger
•Requires C : wheels, tires, body set, motor, esc


FinTrack Round 2 of Summer Series

Yesterday we run round 2 of our summer national series here in Finland, for me the second race with the 417 V5. The Ylistaro track is a very small and tight track and not a favourite one by any means, the track is however quite close to home and in the end the race turned out ok with the grip coming up nicely during the race.

Below the setup I used. A few changes for the slow stop-start circuit to make the car a bit more stable. The setup was no way perfect but decent. As the grip came up a lot I’m sure more speed could have been found with some changes as it was now setup to be too secure.

Below a Picture of the very slow layout.

Tamiya USA TRF201 XR Product Description

42253 Aluminum Lower Deck Set – TRF201 XR (Long Wheelbase)

This new lower deck for the TRF201 off-road racing buggy is result of years of dedicated testing by the TRF team. The TRF201 conversion set is designed with the goal of winning the 2014 IFMAR off-road championships. The new aluminum lower deck makes the TRF201 chassis into a long wheelbase, narrower chassis setup, which reduces contact with the racing surface. Drivers can expect their TRF201 and DN-01 model to become even more competitive in at their local track.

•Wheelbase is extended by 11mm to provide increased stability.
•Aluminum lower deck has hard anodized coating to provide excellent durability.
•Resin side guards add to the toughness of the chassis.
•Compatible with rectangular-shaped and separate-type battery packs. Battery position can be changed depending upon the type employed.

Set contents

•Aluminum Lower Deck x1
•Aluminum Front Posts x3
•Aluminum Rear Posts x2
•Aluminum Battery Post x2
•Aluminum Sus Spacer x1
•Carbon Battery Plate x1
•Resin Side Guards x2
•Body x1

Satoshi Maezumi TRF101 in RC World

A few Scans from the July issue of RC World Magazine showing Satoshi Maezumi’s TRF101 and setup.

TRF101 Blank Setup Sheet

Scanned and PDF’d blank setup sheet for the TRF101 formula chassis.

Wilck and Rheinard Latest Setups

Wilck TRF417V5 Reedy Race 2013

Wilck TRF417V5 ETS Apeldorn Holland 2013

Rheinard TRF417V5 Reedy Race 2013

Rheinard TRF417V5 ETS Apeldorn Holland 2013