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First FF Test of 2013

Finally got time to start running the FF again and as always when I run that car I have to say that this is the most fun class so far. If I could do big races like the ETS in this class this is all I would run.

Still running the Huge FF-11 while I wait for newer and more interesting alternatives to become available…


FF-03 EVO Chassis Kit

Translated info

84354 FF-03 EVO Chassis Kit

– 2.5mm thickness, new design carbon chassis. New style from 84314 upper vertical frame of the upgrade set was changed to (2.0mm) deck type.
– L size only, wheelbase front of the battery. Center of gravity of the balance depending on the situation enables after move It can be changed.
– The standard double cardan drive shaft and Giyadefu
– The model is best suited to the race that is equipped.

New design parts
– carbon main chassis (2.5mm thickness)
– carbon upper deck (2.0mm thickness)
– Carbon Rear Shock Stay (3.0mm thick)
– bulk aluminum rear aluminum
– aluminum rear upper arm mount
– aluminum front damper mount
– aluminum steering mount

Main equipment
– TRF damper
– aluminum turn buckle
– bearing
– TRF hex screw
– Gear diff
– Souble joint Cardan drive shaft

August 21st release.

Another new FF-03 part to be released:

84361 FF-03 Aluminum Front Upper Arm Mount

TRF201 XM Conversion Set

Translated info

42257 TRF201 XM Conversion Set (Midship motor specification)

– Of July release “42253 TRF201 XR aluminum lower deck” The parts to midship motorized and a combination of
Set. I will respond to high-grip road Surface.
– an aluminum gear case with high precision, and drive smooth I realize the dynamic. Carbon damper stay of 4mm thickness Dan I will increase the operational effectiveness of par.
– with (same as 42253 included) exclusive body.
– aluminum parts are anodized blue specification.
To be released August 28th.

Main product contents
1. Carbon Rear Damper Stay
2. Carbon battery Steph
3. Resin center Steph
4. Aluminum gear case (L / R)
5. Aluminum motor plate

The body used on the TRF201 XR and XM will also be released separately:

84368 TRF201X Body (XR/XM)

TRF Droop Gauge & Block for Droop Gauge

42255 TRF Series Droop Gauge
42256 TRF Series Block for Droop Gauge

– 42255 Droop Gauge for measuring droop on electric touring cars
– measurement range between 4-6mm in 0.5mm intervals
– 0-10mm can be measured in 1 mm intervals
– used in conjunction with 42256 Block for Droop Gauge
– block size is 10mm.

To be released August 21.
Both products Blue anodized specification with laser printing TRF logo.

TRF201 XR Aluminum Lower Deck Set – Box Contents

Source: Tamiya Canada

Tamiya Big Bore Damper Official Product Pictures


These dampers feature all-new parts, and their main feature is the cylinder: it has an inner diameter of 12mm, 2mm wider than that on the standard Buggy Aeration Damper. As a result, it can hold 40% more oil and that means less wear and tear on the vehicle! A number of option parts have been released to increase setup options to these dampers such as different size pistons.

•HL-coated damper cylinders x2 (new)
•Aluminum damper caps x2 (new)
•Aluminum adjusters x2 (new)
•Aluminum retainers x2 (new)
•Lower rod guides x2 (new)
•Pistons x4 (new)
•Titanium-coated piston rods x2
•Spacers (black) x2
•Upper rod guides x4
•Aluminum lower caps x2
•O-rings x4
•X parts x1
•Compatible with TRF201, TRF511, TRF502X, DB01, and DB02 chassis cars.
•Damper oil and coil springs not included in set.