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Lee Martin Takes 2nd at 2013 IFMAR Electric Worlds!

Tamiya Press Release

Tamiya driver Lee Martin and his TRF201 (XM) chassis put on an outstanding show in securing 2nd place in the Offroad 2WD section of the IFMAR World Championships held in California last week.

Heavy rain caused the cancellation of the fifth and final qualifying session and dashed any hopes Lee had of bettering his 3rd position, but the British driver did not let that faze him going into the crucial three rounds of the final that would decide the 2013 World Champion. He led both of the first two races before securing excellent finishes of 3rd and 4th respectively, and really delivered the goods in the final race, fighting off tough competition from the world’s best to lead home the field in first place. That monumental effort was enough to lift the Tamiya man to a brilliant overall 2nd place finish fully deserved by his driving.

2013 IFMAR 1:10 Electric Off-Road 2WD Results

Place Driver Car
1 Jared Tebo Kyosho
2 Lee Martin TRF201(XM)
3 Ryan Maifield Associated
4 Ryan Cavalieri Associated
5 Neil Cragg Associated
6 Dustin Evans TLR
7 Darren Bloomfield TLR
8 David Ronnefalk Kyosho
9 Kody Numedahl Associated
10 Naoto Matsukura Yokomo


Prototype TRF511

Prototype TRF511 used at Worlds.

Tamiya @ Tokyo Hobby Show 2013 – Video

Lee Martin and Tamiya Second @ Worlds

Great result with the latest TRF201XM prototype at the Worlds for Lee and Tamiya.

Always happy to see Lee do well as he’s very much a professional in most everything RC related he does, much like my nr.1 favourite RC driver Atsushi Hara. The pro RC industry need more of drivers like these.

Excellent coverage on these sites:

Best galleries:

Next up the 4WD class with the updated TRF511.

TRF418 Presentation Video

Great to get a good view of the TRF418.
Watch in fullscreen.

Edit…and here’s another one.

TRF418 Prototype @ Tokyo Hobby Show

A picture of Takayuki Kono’s car displayed in the TRF booth at the Tokyo Hobby Show, a car which must be described as a TRF418 prototype mixing TRF417V5 and TRF418 features.

FF-03 Aluminum Front Upper Arm Mount

A first picture of this new part for the FF-03 chassis:

84361 FF-03 Aluminum Front Upper Arm Mount

TRF201XR and TRF201XM Product Photos

Tamiya finally have some nice product pictures of the latest TRF201 upgrades available. Especially like the body photo.

Here also the product info for the XM set:

42257 TRF201 XM Conversion Set – Midship Motor

This conversion set can be attached to models which have already been equipped with Item 42253 TRF201 XR Aluminum Lower Deck Set (Long Wheelbase). It transforms the TRF201 chassis into a mid-ship motor layout, making it more suited to high-grip surfaces such as carpet. A newly-designed body is also included in the set.

Note: Many indoor off-road track (mainly in Europe) use carpet as part of the driving surface for off-road racing. Under these conditions it has been found that mid-ship motor placement has proven ideal. In the USA, most tracks that exhibit high traction are located indoors. This new item can prove advantageous under those conditions.

– Aluminum Gearbox x1
– Aluminum Stiffner x1
– Aluminum Motor Plate x1
– Carbon Rear Damper Stay x1
– Body x1
Compatible with TRF201 equipped with Item 42253 TRF201 XR Aluminum Lower Deck (Long Wheelbase).

More here:

TRF201 XM Conversion Set – Midship Motor

Aluminum Lower Deck Set – TRF201 XR (Long Wheelbase)

More TRF418 Pictures

A few more pictures of the TRF418.


TRF418 Chassis Kit

New weapon aimed at the IFMAR World Championships conquest of 2014. The feedback the voice of TRF driver started reigning world champion, the J Groskamp, we have new design all the parts while taking over the good of the TRF417. Front Direct Cup 2g lighter. Center bulkhead separated from the upper deck, optimize the roll characteristics of the chassis. Lower bulkhead are the same front and rear.

First Tamiya TRF418 Pictures

First pictures of the the TRF418 Chassis Kit, displayed at the Tokyo Hobby Show right now. Pictures by Waigo Hobby on Facebook, where you can find more pictures of the car as well.