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Latest Marc Rheinard TRF418

From the MRC LONGWY Winter Series Rnd#2 race in France last weekend.


Akio Sobue TRF418

Here a picture of Akio Sobue’s pre-production TRF418 from the PRCA Final in Nagoya, Japan.

TRF418 Official Product Photos – Large

Official Tamiya pictures of the 42270 TRF418 Chassis Kit.

Interview with Tamiya USA’s Fred Medel @ IIC

Mucmore Fleta Brushless ESC Update

Coming very soon from Muchmore now, the new ESC line-up.

● ME-FLPK FLETA PRO Brushless ESC Black Case
● ME-FLPB FLETA PRO Brushless ESC Blue Case

● ME-FLSK FLETA Stock Spec Brushless ESC Black
● ME-FLSB FLETA Stock Spec Brushless ESC Blue

● ME-FLEK FLETA Euro Brushless ESC Black Case

● ME-SHRP FLETA Super High Response Program Card

TRF418 Chassis Kit Update – Bonus Parts

Tamiya is delighted to announce that the export version only of the exciting new high-spec TRF418 chassis kit will feature exclusive bonus parts.

These parts are not to appear in the Japanese domestic version of the kit, making them a highly attractive and welcome addition for overseas users.

TRF418 Bonus Parts
– Damper Springs – soft & hard, 2pcs. each
– Soft Stabilizer Rods- front & rear, 1pc. each
– 1 additional set of Suspension Arms
– 1 additional set of Front Uprights
– 1 additional set of Rear Uprights

Marc Rheinard TRF418 Build

Thanks to Marc for sharing pictures of his build.

RC World – Satoshi Maezumi TB-04

Scans from October 2013 issue of the RC World magazine.

JMRCA TC Nationals 2013 – Interesting Car

RC World – JMRCA TC Nationals 2013

Scans from October issue of RC World magazine.