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Tamiya TRF418 Parts

Scan of the TRF418 parts from the manual.
Click on the picture for all 4 pages in a PDF.


TRF418 Parts List

Scan of the TRF418 parts list included with the car kit.
Click on it for a PDF.

TRF418 Bonus Parts

Special bonus parts included with first batch of export cars.

TRF418 Arrival

Finally here.
Expect some pictures of the build, but don’t stress…I won’t… 😉

Takayuki Kono TRF418 Setup

Tamiya USA TRF418 Parts Listing

TA06 / TB-04 / TT-01 Option Parts

Great option parts guides for the TA06 / TB-04 / TT-01 cars.

TRF418 Presentation at Tamiya Fair

A couple of small pictures of the nice TRF418 display at the Tamiya Fair last weekend.

TRF418 Setup Sheet

Click for a copy of the TRF418 setup sheet.

And editable sheet thanks to Petit RC:

TRF418 Parts Details

Below I will gather what new info/confirmed info I have so far found outon what parts are included on the TRF418, what parts are new etc.

Please note that this is gathered from info I have so far, and I might have to correct something once the the cars are here. So this is not 100% confirmed stuff, but should be right.

– all suspension blocks are new, both separate and 1-piece (I had not noticed this before)
– the 54479 Separate Suspension Mount Set Spacers (0.5mm) are included
– dampers are exctly as on previous TRF416 and TRF417 (not V5)
– 42192 TRF Damper Large Diameter Retainers (alu) are included
– hinge pins (inner and outer) are not ti coated, although they are the same size so the ti coated parts (53851 and 53917) should fit
– driveshafts front and rear are exactly the same as on the TRF417 V5
– bearings for the center shaft are 42110 840 Flange Bearings
– steering posts are the same as on the TRF417, the rest of the steering parts are new
– lower deck is 2.25mm, upper 2.0mm, damper stays 3.5mm