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TRF503 CAD Drawing


TRF503 @ Nürnberg – Video

New Parts @ Nürnberg

Not many new parts to report on from Nürnberg but here are a couple of new parts soon availabe for the Tamiya TC cars.

TRF201XM @ Nürnberg – Updated

Here’s what’s so far official on the 42277 TRF201XM Chassis Kit which will be available before the summer.

Here’s the same info as published in the picture in text format.

Midship Version of the TRF201 Chassis.

The TRF201XM chassis, used by the world famous TRF team at the Offroad 2WD section of the 2013 IFMAR World Chamionships, is now available for drivers across the world to drive with the release of this chassis kit! This kit converts the TRF201 into a mid-motor chassis, making it more suited to high-grip surfaces. Get your hands on this exciting kit, and you’ll be tearing up circuits in no time!

Featured Components

● Aluminium Chassis Deck
● Aluminium Motor Plate
● Aluminium Suspension Mount
● Carbon Rear Damper Stay
● Big Bore Aeration Dampers
● Ball Differential
● Full Ball Bearings
● New Body Design

Tamiya USA:
The TRF201XM chassis used by Tamiya Racing Factory pilot Lee Martin at the 2013 IFMAR 2WD Off-road World Championships is available for racing enthusiasts across the world to drive! The kit features theTRF201 converted into a mid-motor chassis, including modifications beyond those offered by the conversion kit seen in Item 42257 TRF201 XM Conversion Set.

•Differential type : sealed oil-filled gear
•Special feature 1 : The aluminum chassis deck features new dimensions to seize the potential of the new gear case.
•Special feature 2 : The gear case allows for a new drive shaft attachment angle. The aluminum motor plate and suspension mount, plus the center post, have been redesigned to work optimally in the new setup.
•Special feature 3 : A new carbon rear damper stay facilitates more efficient upper arm attachment positions.
•Special feature 4 : The TRF201 chassis features 4-wheel double wishbone suspension and aeration oil dampers for smooth and effective damping.
•Special feature 5 : The kit is compatible with the included ball differential, and also gear differentials.
•Special feature 6 : Includes a Pro-Line Phantom body.

TRF 503 @ Nürnberg 2014

A bit late posting about the actual TRF503 release now that it’s finally official, but this is because I actually went to Nürnberg to have a look myself.

Below some good pictures of the car from Tamiya and tamiyablog, as well as some of my own (excuse the bad phone cam quality).

My own comment is that the car looks very good and feels very good so I think Tamiya have a great car coming here. I was very impressed.

42275 TRF503 Chassis Kit

Tamiya USA:
This is the all new TRF503 4WD racing buggy. The 503 has been developed thanks to the Tamiya Racing Factory team once again putting its extensive race and testing experience to use for Tamiya’s racing enthusiast customers. The TRF503 off-road chassis is an updated and modified version of the TRF511 that promises to have more traction and improved cornering ability.

More at

More on TRF418 Battery Stoppers

Day of many updates today it seems!

As promised, here are pictures of the inner stoppers I use on the 418.
Forward one with a screw in the servo mount and appropriate number of spacers to get the battery where you want it. The rear one (not mentioned in the manual) is a similar idea mounted to the center support, but with a small bearing added as the belt is very close.

TRF Short Dampers

Tamiya recently released the shorter TRF TC dampers, which comes standard on the TB-04 PRO, as an option part.

Tamiya already did damper stays for the TA06 for these but so far no news of TRF418 parts to fit these. The dampers are 4mm shorter (also noted on the back of the package as you can see), meaning they are 57.5mm long, which is exactly the same as the shorter Yokomo dampers now also available for the Yokomo BD7.

In the pictures below the dampers are set at 57.5mm with the included Tamiya yellow springs. Option parts used are HL Cylinders and 1mm down alu spring retainers.

42273 TRF Short Damper (Hard Black Coating) 4pcs
42272 HL Cylinder for TRF Short Dampers (2pcs.)
53876 Aluminium Damper Retainer (1mm down type)

TRF417FF Winter Sleep

Just a couple of pictures of the TRF417FF in it’s latest state.

This is how it looks after the last run of 2013 which was late September. I will run the car again once the snow melts and spring arrives.

As you can see from the bottom picture, there’s no wear on the chassis OR bumper. A big difference compared to the normal FF cars.

TRF101 Kit For Sale

Anyone interested in a brand new unbuilt TRF101 kit, please check, I have 1 kit for sale:

Marc’s TRF418 @ DHI Cup 2014