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TRF503 Detail Photos by Tamiya

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TRF503 Official Product Page Up

The official product page from Tamiya Japan is now up and gives us a a bit of new info.

Official release in Japan is March 22.

Translated text

42275 TRF503 Chassis Kit

★ belt drive 4WD buggy seeking the triumph of big race, TRF503 appeared.
★ stretched to 287mm wheelbase, I adopt the aluminum lower deck with improved gap drivability. Is set to 12 degrees front aluminum suspension plate, making it a cantilever type servo mount.
★ It is shipped with a big-bore-aeration damper of large capacity in suspension.

And here’s more info available from Tamiya Japan (again translated):

○ belt drive buggy fought IFMAR World Championship electric 4WD off-road class
– As a base, TRF latest series that incorporates the know-how obtained from the actual fighting
Buggy version of the machine.

○ become the new design almost non-Giyadefu suspension arms, and slim aluminum lower deck
– Balance of high-dimensional bending stiffness and by the combination of the upper decks. Phosphorus
The prime plenty of ambitious parts such as a new universal shaft of folly fixed
Was included. ※ body, battery, motor, RC mechanical, tire, wheel session
Are not supported.

[Effect and major changes]

○ Long wheelbase aluminum lower deck
→ gap drivability improvement (7.5mm extension). Rigidity balance and pitch and roll

○ front near motor
→ (10.5mm to move forward) steering stability improvement

○ center near motor mount
→ suppression of roll (Go to 5mm inside, the same as the TRF511 Upgrade Set)

○ integrated aluminum center pulley
→ (integrated aluminum from aluminum and resin) Responding to high-power motor

○ lightweight upper, the lower aluminum bulkhead
→ 10 ~ 20% lighter

○ front aluminum suspension plate 12 degrees
→ gap drivability improvement (+4 degrees, TRF511: 8 degrees)

○ Front Shock Stay
→ (2mm up the damper mounting holes) optimization of the amount of rebound

○ Rear Shock Stay
→ improvement of aerodynamic (10mm down height wing mounting)

○ ring fixed universal shaft
→ pin captive

○ Other Parts
– Half-size balance weight
– 2 pieces of big-bore AR damper
– under cowl
– OP.1536 racing wing XF