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TRF417FF Update – Rear Damper Stay

Back to my favourite car now – the TRF417FF project.

Just fitted the new purpose made rear damper stay which means I can now run standard 416/417/418 rear body posts. If you remember, the first version last autumn used a standard 417 damper stay with some temporary body posts. We removed the outer damper mounting holes for this part as they are not used on the FF, which then allowed the bosy post holes low for this low profile light weight (+40% lighter) solution.


TB Evo 6, TRF201XMW & TRF101W Advertisement

TB-04 Pro II Tamiya Advertisement

M-05 Ver.II Pro Tamiya Advertisement

And here an example on how normal hard case lipos now fit the M-05.

More TB Evo 6 from Shizuoka

Three more good pictures of the TB Evo 6 presentation at Shizuoka.

Tamiya Live @ Shizuoka

Check after 30 min for the RC stuff.

Good look at the TB Evo 6, TRF201XMW and TRF101W.

Video streaming by Ustream

TRF Damper Pliers

42276 TRF Damper Pliers

This versatile set of pliers has a number of different openings, and can be used to swiftly and efficiently assemble and disassemble dampers on a variety of R/C models by easily gripping the shock shaft so as to not scratch it.

Available at the end of May.


TB Evo 6 Video

Video that gives a good look at the Tamiya TB Evo 6.

More TRF101W from Shizuoka

Source: Waigo Hobby on Facebook

More TB Evo 6 from Shizuoka

Source: Waigo Hobby on Facebook