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TRF417FF Progress

I have continued testing the TRF417FF project chassis lately. Could run all day everyday with this car as it’s just so much fun!

In addition to the normal setup experiments I have focused much on testing different components now available to see if they improve the car. The first improvement I did was fitting a TRF418 front roll bar, at the same time finally getting rid of the temporary solution of the upper deck mounted roll-bar. Getting a front roll-bar fitted to this chassis in any good lookingway proved difficult but I’m happy with the solution I found. It now works better and looks much better. See the pictures to see it.

Next I moved on to the back end of the chassis first fitting TRF418 suspension arms, the 418 uprights and finally a rear 418 roll-bar. The arms and uprights slightly improved the car, while there was no noticeable improvement from the roll bar but the 418 setup is a much nicer solution.

Unfortunately I can’t really use the 418 front arms as the “wheelbase offset” from inner end to outer end is different and places the front wheels further rearward. On the FF I want the front wheels as far forward as possible (or in reality motor as close to the front axle as possible) so therefore that’s an update I cannot make.

So overall the 417FF has seen the following updates in 2014 so far:

– Eagle Racing XV-01 carbon front bumper support
– new low profile 417FF specific rear damper stay
– titanium 3x40mm hex screws for the gearbox
– 418 front roll bar with new mounting
– 418 rear end (suspension arms, uprights, roll-bar)


FinTrack Race Report

Just a brief, late report on the FinTrack race held two weeks ago already. Summer means lots of things to do so sometimes there is just no time to write…

We have a really crap situation in the TC class in Finland this summer with only one race scheduled for this summer in the FinTrack series. That race was the last weekend of June at the small track in Laukaa which really is too small for the TC’s of today but still usually provides decents racing conditions, although the entry number was very low. The plan was to to a half-day test on the Friday to get some running as pre-race testing had been almost non-excistent. However as we arrived at the track Friday afternoon the rain arrived too. That meant testing was limited to three packs getting used to pro-stock TC again.

More running would have been needed but making many changes at once for the first few runs raceday meant I was soon up to decent speed with the Samix converted TRF418. The car was not perfect but as good as you can expect with so little running. Changes made to the setup included damper positions, front diff settings, changing to a softer front roll-bar, reducing rear toe-in, increasing droop + some more small changes. My race setup can be found in a previous post .

In the end I TQ’d 2 out of 4 rounds of qualifying, started second in the finals but finished third overall after some bad driving in the first two finals. Not a great result but about what I had expected after such few races during the last couple of years. The race was fairly fun though and it’s just a shame there are no more

TRF Buggy Double Cardan Joint Shafts

To be released in August (August 27th in Japan):

42283 Buggy Double Cardan Joint Shaft (Front/2pcs.)
42284 Buggy Double Cardan Joint Shaft (Rear/2pcs.)

Some translated info:

– It is a double cardan drive shaft of the buggy with excellent driving efficiency.
– cancel the vibration generated in the bend when driving by having the indirect portion of the two places, Sasupensho I will increase the feeling of grounding of emissions.
– Use the pin of φ2mm, we worked up the strength.

Applicable Products: [42283] DB01, DB02, TRF503, TRF502X [42284] TRF201, DB01, DB02, TRF503, TRF502X

Another new buggy part to be released in August is this (actually not completely new as it is included with the 503 but now available with a 5 digit part number):

84391 DB01 Aluminum One-Piece 18T Pulley

Translated info:

– It is a pulley of aluminum integrated with excellent durability corresponding to the power-up of the motor and battery.
– be to an integral with aluminum pulley of the resin-type split, up strength and durability.
– pulley part was reducing the driving resistance by the lubricating anodized.

Applicable Products: (slipper clutch equipped car), DB01 TRF511, TRF503
※ TRF503 is standard equipment, I use as spare parts.

TRF 1-2-4-7 @ ETS Finale

Really impressed by team TRF once more as they again seem to have raised their game in this World Championship year!

Of course it can be dangerous to draw too many conclusions from one race and one win, but all the signs are that they have again made a big step forward during the last few months, finally everything coming together as the Worlds edges ever closer. How the team and Kiyo manage to do this time and time again has indeed always been impressive. It was evident already at the previous ETS round that they were moving in the right direction and now it seems they are on the pace again due to many small but significant changes to the car.

There are still a few months to the Worlds, this time without any major races, so anything can happen and it will be interesting to see where everyone is come the big race.

Picture from RedRC’s race coverage.

TRF417FF Base Setup

Here’s my current base setup on the TRF417FF project car. Not that it will be of much use to anyone since no one is running the same car but just to show where I am with the setup of the car and how close it is to a base TRF417 setup.

Spent this rainy evening improving the front roll bar setup of the car as it has been one area I have not been happy with. I now managed to fit a TRF418 front roll bar in quite a neat way. Will post photos of this later and look forward to running this favourite car of mine more over the next few weeks.