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TRF419 First CAD Pictures

Here’s a a first picture with some CAD illustrations of the TRF419.
Unfortunately the picture is very poor in quality.


FF-04 EVO CAD Drawing

A better picture of the Tamiya FF-04 EVO thanks to
Looking fairly familiar to me! 🙂

Another TRF419 Picture

Further TRF419 prototype picture posted on RC Tech by “Simmi”.

Some TRF419 Spy Shots

Not much available yet on this front, but in these you see a bit of what we possibly can expect the 419 to look like.

The major new part which you can get a decent view of in these pictures is the new motor mount. For the rest of the details we need to wait for better pictures, and indeed wait to see what the final 419 specification is like.

First Tamiya FF-04 EVO Picture

Ok, we start off with a really low resolution drawing of the FF-04 EVO…

Please excuse the poor quality! 😀

More on the TRF419

More on the FF-04 EVO


Now, the TRF419 might be the big news today but for me personally I find the FF-04 EVO more exciting!

In short the FF-04 is all new, with XV-01 gearbox, carbon lower and upper deck and alu bulkheads as well as TRF418 suspension. The interesting part for me is that this all sounds very similar to our TRF417FF project car, previously covered in detail and the car I have run for the last year. Especially the XV-01 gearbox I find interesting as that was the start for the 417FF project. Anyway, this should be a very good FF chassis from Tamiya, if my experiences are anything to go by! 🙂

Here’s the translated info on the FF-04 EVO:

November release schedule Tamiya
Limited merchandise
FF-04EVO chassis kit

– It uses a gear box of the XV-01 proven, the TRF418 suspension proven in the race as the front motor chassis, this machine which is the fourth generation of FF chassis, almost to draw the most out of these two points All parts are new design!
– I am also optimized weight balance and strength in the new design parts “carbon Roadekki (2.5mm thick) and upper deck” and “aluminum bulk head”!
-Manufacturer’s suggested retail price will ¥ 49800- (tax excluded) info:

84394 FF-04 Evo Chassis Kit

New machine of its time, the fourth generation of FF chassis adopts the TRF418 suspension that was designed with the feedback and the proven gear box of the XV-01, the data that has been cultivated in the race scene as the front motor chassis, with almost all newly designed parts. In addition to the increased strength of the entire chassis, new part Carbon Lower Deck (2.5mm thick), Carbon Upper Deck and Aluminum Bulkhead was also utilized to optimize weight balance.


Appears it’s time for my holiday to be over…

Interesting and a bit surprising that the next TRF TC will be the TRF419 but then again it has long been the norm if there are changes to the bulkheads and chassis mounting points that it’s automatically a new generation.

So far the only available info is this:


New product will be released in December 2014
• The acceptance of the TRF419 (tentative name)
• It is a vehicle that has been developed aimed at four consecutive tournament will be held in the United States Florida in 2014 in the “IFMAR 1/10 electric Touring Car World Championship”, right now, the data is not out in detail, but the underbody other than significant changes have been made “chassis layout,” “bulkhead”, “motor mount”, “damper” and “Giyadefu” in the new design almost parts, providing running high dimension ever!
• Manufacturer’s suggested retail price will ¥ 69800- (tax excluded)
• Thank you so scheduled for release in December!

And the Tamiya USA press release:

Today Tamiya would like to give R/C racing enthusiasts a sneak preview on what is to come by years end. With the upcoming IFMAR ISTC World Championships coming up in October in Kissimmee, Florida, USA, the Tamiya Racing Factory has been diligently hard at work in developing the car that will contend for its 4th consecutive world title and its 6th overall.

While the exact details of the new car will not be fully unveiled until a later date the preview below gives R/C racers an idea on what is to come!

Sneak Preview Details!

• Inherits the TRF418 suspension parts design, which has proven to be the new standard in Tamiya high-end R/C racing machines.
• Aside from the suspension parts, the rest of the chassis has largely been overhauled, including a new layout.
• Features newly-designed bulkheads, motor mount, dampers and gear differential unit.

An in-depth profile with images will be available in the near future!

42285 1/10 R/C TRF419 Chassis Kit

Availability: December